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John Gillespie
John Gillespie stacked Adobe Lightroom
Multidisciplinary designer and front-end developer with t...
Lightroom for mobile is even better than it's desktop elder brother, and one of the few areas in which Adobe are innovating
 stacked Adobe Lightroom
Foodie. Binge watcher. Photographer. Videographer.
I can edit my photos on the go
Agustinus Nathaniel
Agustinus Nathaniel stacked Adobe Lightroom
Tech and Art enthusiast
Feature rich photo editor. Use and develop presets
Danny de Vries
Danny de Vries stacked Adobe Lightroom
I'm an Indie Maker building digital products for the web ...
I don't do a lot of heavy photo-editing but usually some light touch up work. Mostly in Lightroom CC or Affinity Photo.
Rahul stacked Adobe Lightroom
Code @producthunt ~Apple WWDC'17 Scholarship Winner ~Foun...
Takes photography to the next level. Been using Lightroom on my recent clicks & it’s amazing!
Thor stacked Adobe Lightroom
Thor Schroeder⚡️- Full Stack Creative and Story Teller - M...
Easy and powerful photo editing.
Michael Henry
Michael Henry stacked Adobe Lightroom
🌊 Waterman 📸 Photo / Video 💻Product Manager At Adobe on P...
Lightroom is the best photo editing app in the world, it’s also fully capable on mobile 🤯
Shivani Shah
Shivani Shah stacked Adobe Lightroom
Content strategist & marketing copywriter. Community Host...
Hands down the easiest photo editor I've used so far, without compromising on what it allows you to do.
Nitin R Gupta
Nitin R Gupta stacked Adobe Lightroom
Dude who likes to code & design stuff.
For making them photos pretty if it isn't already!
Anthony Piazza
Anthony Piazza stacked Adobe Lightroom
I've been practicing design for the last 20 or so years, ...
It's hard to beat it's power and simplicity, still excited about tethered capture
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