Adobe Audition
A professional audio workstation.
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kathryn de la rosaFabio RosadoJoe Keyport
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kathryn de la rosa
kathryn de la rosa stacked Adobe Audition
audio producer / front-end developer / theater professional
my first audio love & the one I know best, with a pretty customizable interface. I've used it to slap together a 3-minute news story and build live sound design
Fabio Rosado
Fabio Rosado stacked Adobe Audition
Working above the clouds. Traveler. Passionate about book...
I’ve been using Adobe audition to edit my podcast and this is such a powerful tool! Makes editing very easy and can improve the worst audio files ever. another thing that I love is how you can get a noise print and apply to the noise cancelling filter.
Andy MacFrankPanduh
Jack Oremus
Jack Oremus stacked Adobe Audition
jbo. road less traveled
Current default audio editor I use because of Adobe Cloud subscription. Powerful noise editing software for those who don't have access to traditional studio. Hate how much it crashes mid session though.
Joe Keyport
Joe Keyport stacked Adobe Audition
I'm a podcaster, reporter, writer, and musician.
It's simple and easy to use.
Am Sagarwala
Am Sagarwala stacked Adobe Audition
Thinker and tinkerer of all things #digital. Digital Expe...
I used to use Audacity, but Audition is included in Adobe's Creative Cloud and is much more polished.
Norman Chella
Norman Chella stacked Adobe Audition
I cover Asian podcasting @ Podlovers Asia. Founder @ That...
This has one of the most powerful features in the podcasting world: Adaptive Noise Reduction. Don't have a treated room? ANR that shit. Barking dog? ANR that shit. TV in the background? DOUBLE THE ANR ON THAT SHIT (also yes other great things too)
Campbell Baron
Martin SFP Bryant
Martin SFP Bryant stacked Adobe Audition
Helping tech & media companies with comms and strategy @t...
I've used this to edit audio for 20 years, since it was CoolEdit Pro. I love the balance of power and accessibility here. Great for edition podcasts when you want to move beyond things like GarageBand.
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