adidas Ultraboost
Ultralight, comfortable running shoes by adidas.
Shivani DadhichNavalCraig Davison
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Craig Davison
Craig Davison stacked adidas Ultraboost
Top guy with some top tools
Comfortable all round shoes. My ultraboots have been up mountains, at 3am gym sessions and to 10+ countries.
Westley Dang
Westley Dang stacked adidas Ultraboost
PhD in neuroscience, now operations analyst at a VC.
Light and comfortable, makes me want to go for a walk just to wear the shoes.
Mike Rubini
Mike Rubini stacked adidas Ultraboost
Italian 🇮🇹 | Entrepreneur👨🏻‍💻 | Jazz player 🎷 Makes SaaS at...
Light, super comfortable, and super versatile.
Kevin stacked adidas Ultraboost
Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generall...
Not only are they the most comfortable shoes of all time, but the Triple White 1.0s are also insanely stylish. You can match these bad boys with almost anything! This shoe alone singlehandedly places adidas above Nike for me.
Michael Le
Michael Le stacked adidas Ultraboost
Trying to find things to make my life easier. I write at ...
Comfortable shoes.
jake stacked adidas Ultraboost
exploring the intersection of #design and #technology
Adidas > Nike. The form fitting fabric is very comfortable. I didn't wear sneakers for a long time, but I don't wear anything else now.
Coleman FoleyJoseph WoodDhruv
Altaf stacked adidas Ultraboost
Co-founder & CPO, Travelstop @TravelstopHQ / Previously—p...
Fav pair of beaters in my rotation. By far the most comfortable sneaker I've owned.
PASCAL TIEMANNRobert OcchialiniBK.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins) stacked adidas Ultraboost
Head of Operations @ProductHunt / @AngelList Previously C...
After seeing lots of good comments about these shoes on YourStack, I took the plunge and ordered a pair. My old running shoes had had it and I wanted something that I could wear running but also as just a casual shoe. I'm so happy with them! Thanks all for the recommendation.
Pratik GandhiColeman FoleyEmily
Abhi Vyas
Abhi Vyas stacked adidas Ultraboost
Learning to be present
Ideal for everyday wear.
M... stacked adidas Ultraboost
It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.
Love this running shoes
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