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sendsentĀ stackedĀ Workona
Easy to share tabs
Michael Lebowitz
Michael LebowitzĀ stackedĀ Workona
Founder & CEO of Big Spaceship for 19 years. Dad for 13. ...
Transforms the browser into a much more functional tool by enabling multiple workspaces, shifting bookmarks into a short-term (open and active) and long-term (closed but available) model, and adding smart launching of many SaaS tools.
Justin E. Harris
Justin E. HarrisĀ stackedĀ Workona
šŸ’”šŸ”– Pre-order #visionaryPass šŸŽ“ Life-long learner at Y Comb...
I was a die heart Safari user until I discovered Workona. Downloaded Brave (A Chromium browser) and installed it to manage my teams workflows and tabs that are open.
Jake Hung Tran
Jake Hung TranĀ stackedĀ Workona
I make fried sunny egg once a week for breakfast
The ultimate workspace for your web browser. The ultimate tab management. At first, I thought it was about manage web apps, it was really about manage tabs. That's the ultimate task for web based productivity. Great job!
Christiam Mendoza
Christiam MendozaĀ stackedĀ Workona
Mechatronics Engineer and Product Innovator. consultant -...
My digital workspace (in my browser, because that's were most things are happening now, right?) is the cleanest and clearest it's ever been.
Chris Holm-Hansen
Chris Holm-HansenĀ stackedĀ Workona
Tech, startups and design. And a lot of other stuff too.
The best tab manager that I've tried.
Steve Lamattina
Steve LamattinaĀ stackedĀ Workona
Passionate about movies, food, words, music, tech & gaming.
It's changed the way I work, and makes it so much easier to keep tabs open and separate for each project.
MichaelĀ stackedĀ Workona
Ceo @ Sparkling Design
It's a really great help to sort all my +100 Tabs into jobs, clients and all other stuff. Love it
Sami Sakly
Sami SaklyĀ stackedĀ Workona
Tech co-founder, software engineer and machine learning p...
finally some structure inside my 100's of opened tabs!
Clark Sandholtz
Clark SandholtzĀ stackedĀ Workona
I love Jesus and try to love everyone else too. 3rd of 6 ...
Best thing that ever happened for my tab organization.
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