A simpler way to stay organized.
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Yury Molodtsov
Yury Molodtsov stacked WorkFlowy
COO @ MA Family – PR for tech startups and VC firms.
Outliners help you organize your thoughts by forcing you to write in shorter bullet points and build hierarchies. Workflowy adds powerful filtering on top of that and it's one of my favorite project management tools.
Raad stacked WorkFlowy
CEO @lawtrades. i’m not like you guys 🛸
a simple way to chronicle your life in endless bullet points. less is more when it comes to note taking interfaces
Kelly Heard
Kelly Heard stacked WorkFlowy
Product manager and technology enthusiast
Simple, uncluttered task management.
Travis Allison
Travis Allison stacked WorkFlowy
I am a consultant and strategy specialist. I work (most...
I use it every day. It's the only tool that matches my brainstorming style
Heath Blandford
Heath Blandford stacked WorkFlowy
Gamer, Customer Success Engineer, software enthusiast, co...
Workflowy is exactly how my brain works; infinitely nesting bulleted lists. Fantastic.
Melissa Reffel
Mint.nat stacked WorkFlowy
Founder of (Developing). Medical Student...
Well structured
brklynsurfer stacked WorkFlowy
a surfer / teacher / father in bk
Simple infinite nested lists. Never gets in the way of writing.
Shaf stacked WorkFlowy
Product Marketing for Enterprise SaaS products
The bullet points that zoom in and zoom out are simply amazing to use for focused work
Coleman Foley
Coleman Foley stacked WorkFlowy
Software engineer, interested in product stuff
Simple but powerful. I love how I can iteratively shape it to fit my needs. It never gets in my way. I've been using it to set my quarterly goals and track progress, as well as to set my weekly agendas.
Julie stacked WorkFlowy
Head of Product Design YourStack + Product Hunt
Extremely helpful to organize my thoughts and make connections between ideas, tasks, and other stuff.
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