The ideal everyday shoes
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Mark BucknellBarron CasterAlexis Ohanian Sr.
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Mark Bucknell
Mark Bucknell stacked Atoms
Founder, developer and freelancer @builtwithcode Founder ...
The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn
Barron Caster
Barron Caster stacked Atoms
Tab junkie. Relentlessly curious. Product, Growth @Rev. e...
Incredibly comfortable - great cushioning on the sole and perfectly fit my feet.
Mark BucknellRahulAltaf
Mark Maclean
Mark Maclean stacked Atoms
Senior Director at Montréal International. Passionate abo...
Great every day shoes. Sleek enough for work, comfy enough for every day.
Bernardo Campos
Bernardo Campos stacked Atoms
COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity s...
Comfy and low key. Love the stretchy shoe laces
Colin Keeley
Colin Keeley stacked Atoms
Early Stage VC
The most comfortable shoes. Minimal heel-to-toe drop and come in 14.5. Love them.
Ryan Hoover
Alexis Ohanian Sr.
Alexis Ohanian Sr. stacked Atoms
Son of an undocumented immigrant. Entrepreneur: @initiali...
The most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
AltafAlexandre MouriecJC
Isaac Lien
Isaac Lien stacked Atoms
Isaac Lien is the Co-founder/Head of Innovation at GrandP...
Simple. Comfortable. Simply the best shoes.
Spencer Graham
Spencer Graham stacked Atoms
Build more housing 🥑 | The emoji in my name doesn’t mean ...
most comfortable shoes ever!
Dennis Chiuten
Dennis Chiuten stacked Atoms
Husband / Baba / Tweeting since 2006 / Tweep since 2016 /...
Extremely comfortable
Josh Elman
Josh Elman stacked Atoms
As a Product Manager/Leader I've helped build: Twitter, F...
I wear them every day. Became an investor after I finally found shoes that fit me perfectly.
Lizelle van Vuuren
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