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Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked Transistor
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
I'm new to recording podcasts and Transistor is lifting that anxiety of where to host it. Apart from that it's a great platform with all integrations that you need to promote and grow your audience. Also the UX is just the best!
DhruvKylee Grace SchmuckJulie
Dexter J.
Dexter J. stacked Transistor
Podcaster, Comic book writer, and front-end developer.
Easy to use and great customer service. I love the pay by download number rather than upload file size.
Marvin Danig
Marvin Danig stacked Transistor
Founder of The Red Goose and Bubblin—the binge reader. Ma...
Because of Justin Jackson mostly.
Mat Sherman
Mat Sherman stacked Transistor
Growth @Prendalearn. Founder @growthmeter.
It powers my podcast, what's not to love? Best podcast hosting tool out there.
JCJustin Jackson
Lindsay Robibero
Lindsay Robibero stacked Transistor
Ask and I’ll tell ya
DailyTekk stacked Transistor
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
Such a great podcast host. THE BEST customer support around. Simple, straightforward. This is where/how we publish The DailyTekk AfterParty podcast.
adii stacked Transistor
Family man, seeker and learner. Revealing my inner-poet.2...
Switched from Simplecast. Like the simple (yet powerful) UI and love the humans behind the project.
Mubashar Iqbal
Don The Idea Guy
Don The Idea Guy stacked Transistor
Don The Idea Guy has creative powers beyond those of mere...
A brilliant podcasting company run by brilliant (and friendly!) people.
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson stacked Transistor
Internet stuntman ⚡️ building @transistorfm
I helped build it. 😄 My favorite feature: you don’t pay more for each additional podcast you create. 👍
Anna GrigoryanJoelJustin Jackson
paul jarvis
paul jarvis stacked Transistor
Author of Company of One and co-founder of Fathom Analytics.
To host all my podcasts.
JoelJack EllisRyan Hoover
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