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Dormammu stacked TransferWise
Android & iOS Engineer.
Great transfer rates.
Germán stacked TransferWise
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Paying and getting paid internationally
Parker stacked TransferWise
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Great money transfer platform, especially for international transfer.
Pierre Letoublon
Pierre Letoublon stacked TransferWise
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Easiest way to move money internationnaly at the best rate
justin stacked TransferWise
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Being American but living outside the US, I find myself from time to time needing international bank transfers. Though I think a lot more things can be better in TW, it's still light years ahead of banks and bank apps.
Kenneth Schlenker
Kenneth Schlenker stacked TransferWise
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Easiest and cheapest way to send money from one currency to another.
Ryan Hoover
Graeme Fulton
Graeme Fulton stacked TransferWise
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I use this to receive USD from international customers..and makes it easy to pay out in different currencies without big charges!
Elavenil stacked TransferWise
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It helping me a lot now a days to getting payments from client much faster. I hope they will get into India and enable International transfer option.
Greg Depinay
Greg Depinay stacked TransferWise
French expat in Hong Kong | Passionate sailor | Tech enth...
The cheapest way to transfer money to other countries.
Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero stacked TransferWise
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As a digital nomad, I am constantly on the move, and having access to different currencies at a low cost is absolutely essential.
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