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Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero stacked TransferWise
Creator of Hacker Typer. Always trying to learn something...
As a digital nomad, I am constantly on the move, and having access to different currencies at a low cost is absolutely essential.
Mukund Arora
Mukund Arora stacked TransferWise
whatever happened to the information architect?
Easy breezy
alex stacked TransferWise
💜 Tech
Excellent fx rates
Katerina stacked TransferWise
Founder of Communication & Culture map. Mother to 4 wild ...
It's great for inter-country money transfer. I like the speed at which money is sent. My local bank is crap compared to them
Emily Snowdon (NĂ©e Hodgins)
Socrates stacked TransferWise
Currently working in London's fintech industry, originall...
Transferwise is a must for the expats/digital nomads of the world out there. From getting paid for work from across the world, to sending money back home. I'm hoping it will continue supporting more and more banks becoming a tad more intuitive with time.
Vinay DĂ©brou
Vinay Débrou stacked TransferWise
Indie data scientist and writer small-world networks -- ...
low fees, instant cross-border transfer. beats PayPal.
TK Running
TK Running stacked TransferWise
Nomadic writer of words and code. Topics: financial servi...
Borderless accounts are killer for business!
Ali A Ali
Ali A Ali stacked TransferWise
Passionate about building great products. currently worki...
Very little fees
Waseef Akhtar
Waseef Akhtar stacked TransferWise
Android Developer @DegooBackup. Author: A Day with The Wo...
To receive money
Manos Theodosis
Manos Theodosis stacked TransferWise
I am an electrical and computer engineer. I like techn...
As an expat to the US, transferring to and from US dollars with reasonable rates is extremely useful.
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