The habit-forming to-do list
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122 people use Streaks. Do you?


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Jimmy Briggs
Jimmy BriggsĀ stackedĀ Streaks
Consultant, Developer, Actuary, Information Specialist, K...
Alex Rodriguez
Alex RodriguezĀ stackedĀ Streaks
CEO, Electrician Path | Building with tech in the skilled...
Good way to build and track habits.
Dave Pearson
Dave PearsonĀ stackedĀ Streaks
Developer (, Emacs addict (http://elisp....
Helps keep me honest and on track when it comes to doing routine things I'm motivated to do, but may forgot to do.
Bernardo Campos
Bernardo CamposĀ stackedĀ Streaks
COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity s...
Intuitive, cross platform, simple
JCĀ stackedĀ Streaks
Product Manager / Software developer No-Code enthusiast
Just downloaded it to my phone.. Great, minimalistic, and just gets streaking habits right.
ruchiĀ stackedĀ Streaks
Building communities at Bevy. Nittany lion for life!
Best way to track and build habits.
Jesse Russell
David Jurney
David JurneyĀ stackedĀ Streaks
Educator and filmmaker with nearly 30 years of media prod...
It has a clean interface that works well for tracking and building habits.
Alessandro Andrade
Alessandro AndradeĀ stackedĀ Streaks
Former startup founder/CEO and current Product Manager @ ...
Best app for creating habits
Kyle J. Fellin
Kyle J. FellinĀ stackedĀ Streaks
30 Something Tech Junkie always in search of the perfect ...
I love being rewarded for accomplishing minuscule daily tasks. Clean interface and very rewarding.
aiden champagne
aiden champagneĀ stackedĀ Streaks
Graphic Designer | Co-Founder of One Tribe Running | nhs '21
It keeps my habits in check & gets me on the road to success.
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