The habit-forming to-do list
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Anthony Manfredi
Anthony Manfredi stacked Streaks
Tech guy and Attorney
Great for habits
Marissa Montgomery
Marissa Montgomery stacked Streaks
founder @instantish previously @askspoke + @googlecloud ☕️...
They have a great iOS widget- customizable, doesn't take up much vertical space, and allows you to complete your action without throwing you into the app.
Adam Rowlinson
Adam Rowlinson stacked Streaks
Eternally frustrated with the criminal justice system | T...
Much like the Apple Watch activity rings, Streaks allows you to set goals with the motivation of not breaking your streak.
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy stacked Streaks
Ad Ops and Community Team @Brave. Love non-fiction, self-...
A simple, beautiful, easy-to-use habit tracker with iCloud sync available for iOS and MacOS. Have it auto-track your water intake, your mindful minutes, tracking your weight, and more. And, its's private. Nothing is sent to them.
DailyTekk stacked Streaks
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
My habit tracker of choice. Nice and customizable. Don't break the chain!
Mordechai Hammer
Mordechai Hammer stacked Streaks
Product Design / UX / Motion Graphics
Much more motivating than a to-do list, while being easier to survey at a glance.
J A S O N stacked Streaks
King of your world ✨👑
Keeps you habits up to date
Tim Bradshaw
Tim Bradshaw stacked Streaks
Reporter at the Financial Times. 🤖🎮📱📷👓🛴💸🌍
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Keshav stacked Streaks
Product Manager @webflow • Former Founder @HomeroomHQ • T...
Saw Justin Kan use it so now I use it to track goals and measure progress
Dennis Wilke
Dennis Wilke stacked Streaks
Musings of a 28-year old who tries.
Gamify good habits.
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