Snap Camera
The magic of Snapchat Lenses, now on desktop
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Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre MouriecĀ stackedĀ Snap Camera
Full Stack Developer @ APITIC
I love how I can add funny effects to my calls, especially since it works everywhere šŸ˜„
JohnĀ stackedĀ Snap Camera
I was born inside a whale, my parents were swallowed whol...
makes meetings tolerable
a.Ā stackedĀ Snap Camera
santiago casales
santiago casalesĀ stackedĀ Snap Camera
a human, not an alien, I repeat not an alien
Dexter J.
Dexter J.Ā stackedĀ Snap Camera
Podcaster, Comic book writer, and front-end developer.
Having the same filters as snapchat but in any instance where I can use my webcam is pretty fun to say the least.
Dan Edwards
Dan EdwardsĀ stackedĀ Snap Camera
Design @ProductHunt šŸ˜» expect emojis.
Makes zoom calls more fun / makes me a potato = win
Parker HendersonDexter J.Venkat Balaji
Alan Williams
Alan WilliamsĀ stackedĀ Snap Camera
Grad student. Google Summer of Code participant. FOIA use...
Snap Camera is just pure fun. Don't forget to turn it off before that corporate meeting though! Or not, I don't judge. ;)
Kirin Okada@logistics PM
Kirin [email protected] PMĀ stackedĀ Snap Camera
I'm a Product Managerļ¼ˆLogistics areaļ¼‰in Tokyo.
Snap Camera makes WFH working fun!
Lanre Akinyemi
Lanre AkinyemiĀ stackedĀ Snap Camera
Food enthusiast. Traveller. Tech Lover. Liverpool FC supp...
The cat on head filter makes all videos a lot more fun!
Dan EdwardsAdrian le BasLeandro
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