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Gokkasten Online
Gokkasten Online stacked Python Software
Online gokkasten gratis spelen of met echt geld - 2021
Its awesome
Abdel stacked Python Software
Product Designer
easy to understand programming language.
Ivan Begtin
Ivan Begtin stacked Python Software
I write about Open Data, Procurement, e-Government, Open ...
It's great
Shakhawt Hossain
Shakhawt Hossain stacked Python Software
Quick learn and hard work is the main key to success. I b...
Friendly environment and easy to learn.
W3rocks stacked Python Software
Making better business with better tools
Oops Language
Anthony Fiedler
Anthony Fiedler stacked Python Software
Valuations/Investing/DataAnalytics #FinTech #Insurance (h...
Incredibly versatile
Tyler Swartz
Tyler Swartz stacked Python Software
Software Engineer @ LEX
Easily manipulate data with built in methods
Brett Kromkamp
Brett Kromkamp stacked Python Software
Python, JavaScript and (aspiring) Clojure developer. Sema...
Ease of use. Lots of good quality, mature frameworks and libraries. Applicable in many different fields.
Mark Downey
Mark Downey stacked Python Software
helping build @disciplemedia
Go-to way for quickly bodging some data together or quickly moving it around
Max Coutte
Max Coutte stacked Python Software
I built a VR headset from scratch. I designed the hardwar...
Most of the time for every application I could think of it would not take more than a night to build a first prototype in Python.
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