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Giles Hider
Giles Hider stacked The Athletic
Est. ‘76. A1AD @tweetcldf @norwichcityfc @atlantafalcons ...
independent sports coverage from excellent writers
dallas stacked The Athletic
Music lover, writer, old soul.
Best place for great sport articles.
Drew Jennison
Drew Jennison stacked The Athletic
Graphic Designer.
Well worth the subscription cost. The inside access The Athletic provides for your favorite teams is second to none.
Danny Denhard
Danny Denhard stacked The Athletic
Marketing, Growth & Product Leader. Podcast addict. Direc...
Easily the best journalism on the web, feels like a broadsheet quality publication delivered across your sports bundle
rebeccaJake Hung Tran
Sam Poullain
Sam Poullain stacked The Athletic
Marketing team @freetrade • previously @skyscanner • taki...
Really great football stories
Aaron Barrows
Aaron Barrows stacked The Athletic
Former collegiate athlete. Baseball & Data Enthusiast.
Ever expanding sports coverage by some truly great journalists.
Carella stacked The Athletic
fashion. art. music. venture. Venture Partner / Head of P...
Incredibly high quality sports reporting with a business model that doesn’t require clickbait . But really I’m just here for the boxing coverage.
Justin Feldstein
Justin Feldstein stacked The Athletic
Digital @beaconmeadery @audiodenny. Over-informed consume...
This is where Amanda Mull shares insight.
Zach Holman
Zach Holman stacked The Athletic
building a thing + angel investing + startup advising
Totally worth the subscription dollars. Great soccer coverage — international *and* domestic MLS coverage — and some great writers.
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