The app that pays you to walk!
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It's a very easy way of earning sweatcoins throughout your day, just on your casual walks.
Maria Teresa Stella
Maria Teresa Stella stacked Sweatcoin
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This app converts your steps into coins, which you can use to buy products or get discounts. It's a nice addition if you walk/commute a lot, plus they added the possibility of backing up charity initiatives.
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Olivia Jessica Morris
Olivia Jessica Morris stacked Sweatcoin
Love finding new things and tools
Encourage to move while making money
cassy stacked Sweatcoin
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I love urban hiking (aka wandering aimlessly in the city) and it doesn't hurt to get credit for it! I like to donate some of my sweatcoins or use them to get discounts on cool DTC stuff I wouldn't have otherwise paid full price for.
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Josephfruor stacked Sweatcoin
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Love to share my credits for health-organisations
Scott S.
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Like how it tracks steps
rupa dasGupta
rupa dasGupta stacked Sweatcoin
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Incentivizes walking more, and introduced me to one of my favorite clothing brands (Alala).
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