Foursquare Swarm
Swarm lets you earn prizes and compete with friends based on the places you go
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macfixer stacked Foursquare Swarm
I fix your Macs.
Because mayorships mean something, dammit.
Chirath stacked Foursquare Swarm
👨🏽‍💻 | 🇱🇰 | 💙💛💙 |  l #BreakingBad
Most intuitive location-based mobile app. Best way to track your footprint.
Matthew Stotts
Matthew Stotts stacked Foursquare Swarm
That's not how this works.
i no longer use this
zethus stacked Foursquare Swarm
I swear I'll add my stack descriptions soon.
If you didn't check in on Swarm, how else would you know you were there?
Leah Gahagan
Leah Gahagan stacked Foursquare Swarm
EA/PA to tech VC's and founders. Formerly OM @flexport. T...
The best way to remember places I've enjoyed visiting and foods I've consumed.
Egor stacked Foursquare Swarm
Stuck in Belarus for the lockdown.
It still provides the most accurate venues and places database, leaving Google far behind in many parts of the world.
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy stacked Foursquare Swarm
Editor at @protocol, covering how technology is reshaping...
The only way I ever remember where I was.
Allows to check in with my friends
Checkins for dayssssss
Tim Bradshaw
Tim Bradshaw stacked Foursquare Swarm
Reporter at the Financial Times. 🤖🎮📱📷👓🛴💸🌍
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