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Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang stacked Superhuman
@neo @re__inc @techsetters @harvard
Email made beautifully
Maxime Armand
Maxime Armand stacked Superhuman
Geek inventing new ways of living in cities
It changed the way I manage my email. I can manage my emails in a much faster way. I love doing everything h without touching my mouse.
Roohbir stacked Superhuman
Love building stuff and delivering awesome user experienc...
It’s pretty efficient.
Alex Parker
Alex Parker stacked Superhuman
Technical Product Manager - Lambda X @LambdaSchool 👨‍💻 Body...
The keyboardshortcuts are 🔥
Jeremy stacked Superhuman
Making things @seetheglossary
Should a super fancy gmail skin be $30 a month? Absolutely not, but if you can get the price down (hello student discount) it really does offer an amazingly productive vision of email. I wish they offered more control over splitting your inbox but overall this works wonders.
Máté Nagy
Máté Nagy stacked Superhuman
GTM strategist, sales transformation leader, and outcomes...
I’ve never looked forward to checking my email until SH came into my life.
Kevin stacked Superhuman
Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generall...
-Blazing fast -Beautiful UI (Carbon Theme especially 😍) -Keyboard shortcuts make navigating through emails a joy -Splits are great for sectioning off different email types, much preferred over tags -Snippets save a lot of time writing the same things -Searchable command menu
Aditya Sheth
Aditya Sheth stacked Superhuman
Marketing @ Venngage 🚀 Growth, Content, SEO
Fastest email app, period.
Rajath K M
Rajath K M stacked Superhuman
Head of Partnerships @HyperVerge. Startup enthusiast. Foo...
Helps me blaze through my e-mails like a Superhuman. Have not achieved Inbox Zero or been able to read articles from my most important subscriptions before this.
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