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Marton Sarkadi Nagy
Marton Sarkadi Nagy stacked Superhuman
Investor @VisionariesVC | @MIT Grad | ex-Growth @tierscoo...
was I even a vc
Tanner Hawkes
Tanner Hawkes stacked Superhuman
VC @ Kickstart. Former Product @ Nike, Vivint.
Superhuman lives up to the hype.
Arthur Mor
Arthur Mor stacked Superhuman
A lawyer turned Product Manager with an extensive Fintech...
Designed for getting to Inbox Zero. Focused on enabling pure productivity.
amanda peyton
amanda peyton stacked Superhuman
founder @ Braid
Command K stan
Little Big Details
Little Big Details stacked Superhuman
Pimping & shitposting today’s tech companies and the soft...
How can you not, when you send so much email?
Lukas Klinser
Jason Bartz
Jason Bartz stacked Superhuman
Dad @ Fatherhood | Portfolio Manager @ ACV Capital | Writ...
Fast and no-nonsense, the opposite of Gmail.
Tom Cline
Tom Cline stacked Superhuman
Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang stacked Superhuman
@neo @re__inc @techsetters @harvard
Email made beautifully
Maxime Armand
Maxime Armand stacked Superhuman
Geek inventing new ways of living in cities
It changed the way I manage my email. I can manage my emails in a much faster way. I love doing everything h without touching my mouse.
Roohbir stacked Superhuman
Love building stuff and delivering awesome user experienc...
It’s pretty efficient.
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