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Kwadwo Adu
Kwadwo Adu stacked Superhuman
Running PLYO Lab, we help corporates build startups when ...
Speed, clean
Kmarko stacked Superhuman
Writer and blogger. NYC.
no mouse needed
Rob Ruffler
Rob Ruffler stacked Superhuman
Entrepreneurial product and technology leader with a trac...
Improved my relationship with email. Makes me more effective at getting things done.
Alex Madrzyk
Alex Madrzyk stacked Superhuman
Programming and design enthusiast, coffee fanatic and avi...
Still debating if it's worth $30/mo, but so far I'm really enjoying the UI and how it makes email feel more manageable!
Griff Foxley
Griff Foxley stacked Superhuman
Writer, Strategist, Entrepreneur
because it makes emailing seamless and inbox zero fun and elegant.
Marton Sarkadi Nagy
Marton Sarkadi Nagy stacked Superhuman
Investor @VisionariesVC | @MIT Grad | ex-Growth @tierscoo...
was I even a vc
Tanner Hawkes
Tanner Hawkes stacked Superhuman
VC @ Kickstart. Former Product @ Nike, Vivint.
Superhuman lives up to the hype.
Arthur Mor
Arthur Mor stacked Superhuman
A lawyer turned Product Manager with an extensive Fintech...
Designed for getting to Inbox Zero. Focused on enabling pure productivity.
amanda peyton
amanda peyton stacked Superhuman
founder @ Braid
Command K stan
Little Big Details
Little Big Details stacked Superhuman
Pimping & shitposting today’s tech companies and the soft...
How can you not, when you send so much email?
Lukas Klinser
YourStack Mascot