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Alex BassStefanSam Betesh
475 people use Superhuman. Do you?

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Alex Bass
Alex Bass stacked Superhuman
Founder & CEO at CyberBytes + Podcast Host at Analysis Pa...
It makes email a bit more enjoyable.
Stefan stacked Superhuman
I help startups & companies validate, prototype and desig...
Best email client ever.
Maitree Mervana
Maitree Mervana stacked Superhuman
investor + DIY enthusiast + product experimenter
Getting through email is truly a breeze
Geoff Brown
Geoff Brown stacked Superhuman
I am currently a Product Manager at NEOGOV living in Hawt...
Using Superhuman makes me feel like the wool has been removed from over my eyes. I'm more focused on critical work and the distracting noise of my email inbox has faded into the background.
Linda Xie
Linda Xie stacked Superhuman
Co-founder @ScalarCapital. Previously Product Manager @Co...
Cut my total email time in half!
Pratik GandhiHarris Karim
Chris Surowiec
Chris Surowiec stacked Superhuman
Artist. Photographer. Digital Product Design & Innovation...
I will soon find out
Eric stacked Superhuman
Espresso. Gym. Food. Bikes. Dudes. Previously phones, now...
I hate email. I can't believe I'm paying for an email app (or is it an experience). but it's literally the only thing I've every used that reduces the dread of facing my email.
StefansamreichAntoine Benichou
Vahid Jozi
Vahid Jozi stacked Superhuman
Product - Growth - Investment
In a matter of a day, I got to inbox zero on most of my accounts. Love this thing!
mrs. robot
mrs. robot stacked Superhuman
Obsessed with the UX/shortcuts.
Justin stacked Superhuman
Im gay
Idk theres nothing more that i use
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