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CRM in your Inbox. Streak helps you with business processes inside Gmail.
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Yash Jejani
Yash Jejani stacked Streak
Bitcoin believer.
Email management.
David de Céspedes
David de Céspedes stacked Streak
Designer at Superform and highschool art and design teach...
Very simple and great integration into Gmail
ani acopian
ani acopian stacked Streak
video director + conceptual artist 🌈 [email protected]
so i remember who i have been avoiding emailing
Logan Herzog
Logan Herzog stacked Streak
Creator @teamobvio. We accelerate startups in emerging ma...
Simple CRM that works in Gmail. Perfect for managing cold email.
Aleem Mawani
Aleem Mawani stacked Streak
Founder of @Streak
Because it makes managing pipelines in email possible.
Carl DiClementi
Carl DiClementi stacked Streak
Product. Much tech, very nerd.
So that I know if you've read this... okay or maybe just if you've read my email.
Chris Buttenham
Chris Buttenham stacked Streak
Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO @askobie Co-host @theaotfpodcast
Lives in Gmail
Alex Sopinka
Vegetable Corporation
Vegetable Corporation stacked Streak
The Vegetable Corporation is the world's leading company ...
CRM plus best email tracking I out there.
Jonathon Triest
Jonathon Triest stacked Streak
Backing entrepreneurs @ludlowventures. Punk-rock drummer....
Managing Ludlow Ventures deal flow. We were looking for something that integrated well with gmail so we wouldn't have to leave our inboxes to interact with our pipeline.
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