Track cycling, running, and swimming with your friends
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Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith stacked Strava
Community Manager @ FLF Product Design | Content Creator
Tracks my cycling routes and stats
Faisal Misle
Faisal Misle stacked Strava
Office365 MCSA | Email Security geek | I love creating sm...
Easy to use, great UI and analytics and now has inbound HealthKit Sync so I can use the workouts app on my Watch to track my runs, instead of their app
kurtreckz stacked Strava
Habs fan, working on beer insights and data and such at @...
Tracking all my runs, also use for virtual races
For my workout needs
matt stacked Strava
Software Engineering student in Montreal, Canada. Learnin...
Keeping me healthy
Phil stacked Strava
history and economics student, writer, medium-distance ru...
It's fun to compare my distances and times with friends and competitors, and Strava also has many useful data visualizations.
Andrew Maltin
Andrew Maltin stacked Strava
Tracks all my running in one place.
João Vitor Martins
João Vitor Martins stacked Strava
I'm JVM, a Software Engineer. Manézinho from Floripa, Bra...
Solid friend for running around
Lia Zhang
Lia Zhang stacked Strava
love experimenting with new apps
way better than mapmyrun since there's clubs/challenges
adam masters
adam masters stacked Strava
Interested in tech, startups, and Liverpool FC. Info Sci ...
I'm an active runner and I use Strava to track all of my workouts. I love the ability to follow my friends and see their workouts and that Strava allows you to track a range of outdoor activity (biking, etc)
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