Track cycling, running, and swimming with your friends
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Rizwan Javaid
Rizwan Javaid stacked Strava
Designer, speaker, illustrator.
It helps me track my runs and explore the city.
Fondfolio stacked Strava
I occupy space and have mass. I also make books!
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Lawrence Neyman
Lawrence Neyman stacked Strava
SF native working in startups. Learning as much about my...
Love being able to track my runs and skates (for rollerblading) and being able to see leaderboards and other useful data. Makes working out more fun
vivram stacked Strava
Full stack engineer | EM | Runner
Easy to track runs, rides and hikes Great community support
Mike Farnham
Mike Farnham stacked Strava
Managing Director @ VeracityColab
from active to athlete, Strava has given me the right data, insights, and positive community accountability I never knew I needed
Matthew Butler
Matthew Butler stacked Strava
Caught between freelance motion graphics & royalty free v...
Track every possible workout
Edmundo Ruiz
Edmundo Ruiz stacked Strava
Software developer
Use it to track every time I go out on my bike, even if it's just commuting.
mike stacked Strava
Internet Reader
Slick UI for tracking stats
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith stacked Strava
Community Manager @ FLF Product Design | Content Creator
Tracks my cycling routes and stats
Faisal Misle
Faisal Misle stacked Strava
Office365 MCSA | Email Security geek | I love creating sm...
Easy to use, great UI and analytics and now has inbound HealthKit Sync so I can use the workouts app on my Watch to track my runs, instead of their app
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