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Jan F. Spörer
Jan F. Spörer stacked Standard Notes
Data scientist and software developer. Former finance guy.
Easy to organize, flexible, fast to write.
Mo E
Mo E stacked Standard Notes
1 cup of engineering + 2 cups of entrepreneurship, cook o...
A great open source and cross-platform alternative to OneNote. Extensions make it really powerful. You can use a simple note taker for free like Simplenote, or add extensions.
Ethan stacked Standard Notes
🤘🔥🚀 An Indie Maker creating KanbanMail, Code The Web, tog...
The interface is beautiful and minimalist, but can be extended. Cross platform, auto syncs between devices. All end to end encrypted. Can secure notes with password lock, fingerprint lock, and 2FA. Generous free tier with unlimited notes & sync. All open source. It's amazing! 😍
maxart stacked Standard Notes
Design lead at Twitch/AWS. Previously Facebook, Airbnb, E...
Great privacy-respecting Evernote alternative.
Wladislaw stacked Standard Notes
I want to know everything
Plain, fast, secure & encrypted note taking app.
Hiram stacked Standard Notes
No-code maker & privacy advocate. Building:
One of my favorite note taking apps. A secure, encrypted Evernote alternative.
Calcutta Puri
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