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Pro tips
Ben Church
Ben Church's pro tips for Spotify
Don't use Spotify for Podcasts

They geolock content. For example as a Canadian I can't listen to NPR's Planet Money. I use Breaker instead.

Shavin Peiries
Shavin Peiries's pro tips for Spotify
Discovering new similar music you'll love

You can listen to music that has a similar vibe by holding down on the track and selecting "Go to song radio"

New releases tuned to your taste

I found it frustrating to know that the Weekly Discovery feature would match my taste more often than not but that the New Releases pane would only show me absolute shite. But there is, in fact a section in Discover that’s called New Releases for you that collects new stuff tuned to your taste.

SoundHound + Spotify

As I recognise a song with soundhound on the go it adds it to my selected Spotify library for later listening

Hossam Mourad
Hossam Mourad's pro tips for Spotify
Search focus shortcut

Press CMD+L to quickly focus on the search bar

Abadesi's pro tips for Spotify
Save all your Discover Weekly tracks in a playlist

Create an IFTTT recipe for your Spotify where every Discover Weekly tracklist made for you gets added to a specific playlist so you never miss out.

Jimmy Oliger
Jimmy Oliger's pro tips for Spotify
Advanced Search

Spotify supports some search tags. For example, `label:"Lobster Theremin" year:2020` will return songs released by Lobster Theremin in 2020.

JC's pro tips for Spotify
Finding podcast episodes from specific people

Discover podcasts by searching for the person you’d like to hear in search bar, then filter podcast episodes.

Eg. “Ryan Hoover”

Divyansh's pro tips for Spotify
Drag and drop your fav songs in playlist

In the desktop app simply drag and drop your fav songs into other playlist quickly. I have been using this feature since long to make different playlists.

Soheil's pro tips for Spotify
You can now edit your name

Finally it's possible to disconnect Spotify from Facebook and have your real name displayed instead of some random number.

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