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Srivatsa MudumbyBrian NuckolsHenry McBride
3.4K people use Spotify. Do you?


People that stacked Spotify

Srivatsa Mudumby
Srivatsa Mudumby stacked Spotify
While the internet is turning out to be less trustworthy,...
Clean UI and HD music.
Henry McBride
Henry McBride stacked Spotify
Open Source Evangelist, Senior Devops/Software Engineer, ...
Where I listen to most of my music
Chris Handy
Chris Handy stacked Spotify
Dad of 2 and Husband of 1; on a mission to help #b2b peop...
Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford stacked Spotify
Husband to Sarah. Father of 3 clowns. 🎉👨‍🌾
Playlists are facemeltingly good
Manikanta Prasanth
Manikanta Prasanth stacked Spotify
Product manager, entrepreneur.
Music = spotify
erika stacked Spotify
Tech and Productivity nerd who loves pretty much all thin...
Didn't want to pay for extra apps, and since I was on Spotify Premium it just made sense! Although listening to podcasts on the iPhone is way more intuitive than on the app.
Nicolas Van Hoorde
Nicolas Van Hoorde stacked Spotify
Co-founder and CEO of Delta ( - acquire...
I tried Apple Music for a few weeks and it only made more clear how great Spotify is.
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Gabe O'Leary
Gabe O'Leary stacked Spotify
Software developer & avid app user and developer. I love...
Works across so many different platforms, including Roku. The cross device experience is incredible too, and should be emulated by others building similar services (podcasting & audio book platforms).
Warfa stacked Spotify
Better than Apple Music!
xiaolai stacked Spotify
Learn and Evolve FOREVER...
endless new songs.
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