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4.1K people use Spotify. Do you?


People that stacked Spotify

Nataraj stacked Spotify
Generally Esoteric | Product & Engineering at @microsoft ...
The only app you need for audio content. and soon to be for video content.
chidi stacked Spotify
Sleek, thoughtful design
Arvind Mishra
Arvind Mishra stacked Spotify
Gadget hound and avid gamer. Tell me what's new, and I g...
It's just easy and now my playlists have handcuffed me to the service.
Sai Krishna Raghunathan
Sai Krishna Raghunathan stacked Spotify
Brand Designer & AR/VR Dev ‚ÄĒ Like to design anything & ev...
I don't know, kind of like their UI/UX
Blake Burch
Blake Burch stacked Spotify
Enthusiast of new technology, digital media, automation a...
The best way to find and listen to new artists. Discover Weekly and Release Radar are rituals for me at this point.
Beth Thayne
Beth Thayne stacked Spotify
Foodie. Fitness. Start up fanatic. Product builder. Form...
It's basic I know - but their Discovery recommendations, Made for You, general user flow for discovering new sounds all really make it the best place for someone who listens to music curiously and always wants to discover new things.
Owen stacked Spotify
17 year old backend Rust developer and aspiring sysadmin....
Cheap, with all (or most of) my favorite music
volodymyrbilyk stacked Spotify
Writer who explores nether realms of language and the way...
It is easy to use.
PJ Manning
PJ Manning stacked Spotify
just a guy
I couldn't live without it
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan stacked Spotify
eCommerce is my jam.
Everything in one place.
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