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Sue.JArmen BaghdasaryanJason T. Arnold
4.5K people use Spotify. Do you?


People that stacked Spotify

noon stacked Spotify
Cofounder of Castle One cybersecurity and a bunch of othe...
Spotify won music, so I listen to podcasts there out of convenience.
Louis stacked Spotify
A person
Compared to other music streaming platforms, it's the best
Rohan stacked Spotify
I'm a product manager based in New Delhi 🇮🇳 with more than...
Ophelia Cai
Ophelia Cai stacked Spotify
sustainability, bitcoin, sake.
Music and podcasts, the ease of sharing, following, discovering. Algorithm doesn't get me though :-P
Nick Mavridis
Nick Mavridis stacked Spotify
Entrepreneur and software developer
Dont love it
Karin Pichler
Karin Pichler stacked Spotify
I'm one of the founders of Carrot & Company. We develop S...
Because it can be used on every device, and it always works.
Justin stacked Spotify
Risk being seen and dare to be heard.
It's more user-friendly than anything else out there.
Jordan stacked Spotify
Breaking into product management. Sports fan, follower of...
I wish my queues for music and podcasts were separate, but Spotify continues to get the job done. Money well spent.
Victor Lee
Victor Lee stacked Spotify
Everyone needs a closure and I need a fun closure. iOS | ...
Easy to use and can be accessed from all devices which I switch quite often.
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez stacked Spotify
Freelance Growth Marketer & Marketing Analyst
Fewer apps = less distracted, and I already use it for music
Benoit Chambon
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