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🅵🆁🅲🆃KeRocketケロケット stacked Spike
My favorite email client✉. Resurrecting the value of email, which has been dulled by being buried in the garbage.
Dvir Ben-Aroya
Dvir Ben-Aroya stacked Spike
Co-Founder and CEO @ Spike (@SpikeNowHQ)
Spike’s conversational email fuses traditional email with instant messaging - email, chat, calendar, calls, team collaboration, and tasks in one place. Spike works on top of your existing email and is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and web.
otho stacked Spike
Video Editor and Film Maker.
Multi service
dustin littlefield
dustin littlefield stacked Spike
Interested in all things tech!
Conversation email is great
BruceTheGoose stacked Spike
ETH Enthusiast | Cryptoartist | NFT Creator/Collector | F...
Unified email if you want it, one place to manage email from several providers if you don't want it all in one inbox, as well as organization options and group messaging.
Pablo Ramirez
Pablo Ramirez stacked Spike
Art Gallery Manager
Chat email
Salomón Acuña
Salomón Acuña stacked Spike
Diseñador Web. Me gusta el diseño, la productividad, los...
Best way to manage my corporative emails in a conversational way.
Josh Arnold
Josh Arnold stacked Spike
Co-Founder at Patronus AI, Wharton alum, former strategy ...
I'm a fan of its email threading and smart sensing for notifications on only important emails. It seems to do a good job of triaging emails. Appreciate the price point as well - free as of now :)
AnnaRyan Hoover
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