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Michael BullingtonJ. DakarDanny Denhard
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Michael Bullington
Michael Bullington stacked Spark
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Really great for managing 4 email accounts, but r.i.p. Google Inbox.
Danny Denhard
Danny Denhard stacked Spark
Marketing, Growth & Product Leader. Podcast addict. Direc...
Spark is one of a very small number of email apps that actually designed for you to control email and control conversation with multiple inboxes and I love how the auto notifications of emails are smart and auto triggered. Easily in the top 3 email apps
Todd’s Written Word, LLCBrian Altman@AB
Elen U.
Elen U. stacked Spark
Content writer at ✍️ Marketing professional wit...
Lightweight and intuitive
Anup Harbade
Anup Harbade stacked Spark
iOS and Android developer.
Handles multiple accounts very well. I like the gesture handling and the email rendering of this app.
Michael The Geek 
Michael The Geek  stacked Spark
I'm a Technology enthusiast. I have a great deal of respe...
Great Mac app.
Smithy1783 stacked Spark
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The best balance of user interface and functionality. I would prefer to stick with the but it doesn’t quite have the aesthetic or the functionality to outweigh some of the 3rd party apps like Spark, Cardhop and Fantastical
Richard Burton
Richard Burton stacked Spark
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The simplest way to manage email on mobile telephones. It has such great grouping features.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover stacked Spark
Founder of Product Hunt. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞
I switched from Gmail to Spark last year primarily for its collaboration features. Vedika and I use it to share email drafts with each other, a huge improvement to our workflow at Weekend Fund.
Abhijeet Wankhade
Abhijeet Wankhade stacked Spark
Design, movies, tech and design
Well after the death of 'Sparrow' I have been moving around a lot of Mail apps (I was on Airmail for while) but then I came across Spark and well so far so good.
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Atif Unaldi
Atif Unaldi stacked Spark
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clean to the point
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