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𝐋𝐔𝐊𝐘 𝐕𝐉 stacked Spark
Design & code @Algolia - CSS, JavaScript enthusiast - @bu...
Switched from Airmail3 that I was using for years to spark. I love the smart folder. Both Desktop/mobile apps are refreshing. 10/10 will use again.
Dan Wallem
Dan Wallem stacked Spark
Product Designer & Music Producer.
The best email client I have ever used. It was hard to find a replacement for Mailbox. I love the fact that I can log in once and all my accounts will be there.
A Grade Essay
Malte Scholz
Malte Scholz stacked Spark
Head of Product and CEO @airfocus
John Gillespie
John Gillespie stacked Spark
Multidisciplinary designer and front-end developer with t...
I don't really anymore, especially after learning they store your passwords online. One presumes their business model to be the usual data mining
Sam Jamshidi
Sam Jamshidi stacked Spark
I'm a writer and a film major. I'm 21 years old. A bit of...
I have three emails, a Gmail, and iCloud, and an outlook one for my school. Spark is the best way to manage them all
Sambhav Chopra
Sambhav Chopra stacked Spark
Interested in learning something about everything, while ...
It's slick, and helps me seamlessly manage my multiple mailboxes
Igor Samokhovets
Igor Samokhovets stacked Spark
I make products and bass music 🎺
Great multiple inboxes support, sync and team features.
Brian Dewangga
Brian Dewangga stacked Spark
Check out my stacks!
Spark's email algorithm helps you sort what's important and bundles all your email addresses togather.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris stacked Spark
Entrepreneur and podcaster. I like building tech and expl...
not sure i love it
Federico Gaggio
Federico Gaggio stacked Spark
Brand & Creative Leadership. Strategy Story Culture Desig...
Best email client I found (Mac) for multiple accounts
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