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chidi stacked Spark
It's pretty.
Abishek Raj
Abishek Raj stacked Spark
Total computer geek. iOS/RN Developer. Love meeting new p...
Best email client out there, so far! Hands down! Love that its available on pretty much all platform's, makes it soo much easier
Mehdi Hussain
Mehdi Hussain stacked Spark
Student | Developer
Super Clean Design.
🅵🆁🅲🆃KeRocketケロケット stacked Spark
My favorite email client✉. Resurrecting the value of email, which has been dulled by being buried in the garbage.
emre stacked Spark
PM @codaplatform ex @etsy, @peakcom
Best email client
John King
John King stacked Spark
Creator & strategist @TAPP
Less buggy than iOS mail.
Jules Chaufour
Jules Chaufour stacked Spark
AI Product Manager at UpStride
I just love the UI/UX and the team feature!
pablo max smith
pablo max smith stacked Spark
Artist Manager | Creative Director
Comments with the team, canned templates, integrations, this mail app is simply the best!
Esteban Aravena
Esteban Aravena stacked Spark
Husband. Papá. Best selling author of “A Spanish Guide to...
The only third-party email app that has worked for me because of templates, scheduling and dark mode.
Zbigniew Żołnierowicz
Zbigniew Żołnierowicz stacked Spark
A semi-self taught web developer with a penchant for Reac...
I'd like to see someone challenge this phenomenal mail app. Best in its class.
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