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235 people use SoundCloud. Do you?


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Yash Yadav
Yash YadavĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
Young and Enthusiast. 22YO outgoing nerd. Prefers everyth...
The radio/station mode is extremely dependable
SilviaĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
Psychologist turned entrepreneur. Living for creating bea...
I like discovering niche indie artists, and the vibes of the comment sections.
DeenĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
Digital Connoisseur. In pursuit to stack my interests in ...
Even if I use multiple streaming services, SoundCloud is one of my OG go-to and I still use it once in a while. Honor medal for Team SoundCloud!
Juan Gabriel Perez
Juan Gabriel PerezĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
Love traveling, food, + learning languages, currently try...
I like to call it a mix between Bandcamp and Spotify. Lots of cool mixes and indie artists on here and the sound quality is šŸ‘Œ
r0b0tĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
MAK3R sitting in a laboratory, conducting experiment, an...
Music at the source
Scott Hanford
Scott HanfordĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
Growing things. Product + Marketing.
I hate choosing music, and I prefer long sets to stay in focus. Soundcloud is the best place for that.
MediyumĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
A UX Designer from Goa, India
Yep, I use soundcloud to stay healthy.
j a k i i
j a k i iĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
rowing my way to become more than being a graphic designe...
discover music that aren't or were already published from (usually) the creators themselves
Daniel B.
Daniel B.Ā stackedĀ SoundCloud
Leading Product @, formerly Onefinance, N2...
There is simply no replacement for dj mixes.
Deep Dave
Deep DaveĀ stackedĀ SoundCloud
Exploring startups, music, podcasts, books and a little b...
The best alternative to Apple Music and Spotify
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