All the music on earth, in every room, wirelessly.
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Remi Valade
Remi ValadeĀ stackedĀ Sonos
Tech addict since the youngest age, I currently work in D...
Easy to setup, great sound quality
Kimball Frank Wirig
Kimball Frank WirigĀ stackedĀ Sonos
Boom boom boom
It nice
Chloe Alfano
Chloe AlfanoĀ stackedĀ Sonos
Howdy all. I'm Chloe. Obsessed with software, tools and d...
Listen seamlessly to music either with one speaker, or surround sound. The perfect WFH set up.
Michael Stark
Michael StarkĀ stackedĀ Sonos
Their speakers are just so easy to use and sound so amazing!
Arvind Mishra
Arvind MishraĀ stackedĀ Sonos
Gadget hound and avid gamer. Tell me what's new, and I g...
It just works. Want to listen to you music in multiple rooms? This product, while expensive, makes it oh so simple.
Riley Tomasek
Riley TomasekĀ stackedĀ Sonos
I make simple, focused, and beautiful things that make pe...
Sonos is easy to use and reliable.
StefanĀ stackedĀ Sonos
I help startups & companies validate, prototype and desig...
Awesome sound quality.
Gavin Appel
Gavin AppelĀ stackedĀ Sonos
Founder @IgnitionLane
For home.
samreichĀ stackedĀ Sonos
CEO of CollegeHumor, Dropout
Great sound throughout the house.
JORDANĀ stackedĀ Sonos
Product Manager by day, dad by night.
Music has always been part of my daily routines. Sonos let's me stream from Spotify and my turntable.
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