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Pro tips
Lars Österberg
Lars Österberg's pro tips for Slack

Jumps you straight to your unread messages, then hitting "r" will mark each one as read starting from the top. Easy way to zip through your 'Slack inbox'.

Ayush Jaiswal
Ayush Jaiswal's pro tips for Slack
Timezone alignment in remote teams

Update your surname with work hours along with a common timezone for everyone.

Example: My name on slack is "Ayush 11am-9pm IST".

Colby Fayock
Colby Fayock's pro tips for Slack
Reminding Others

You can set reminders for other users 🙊/remind @[person] "[thing]" [when]

Ben Church
Ben Church's pro tips for Slack
Keep your relationship healthy

I manage a slack for my friend group. My wife and I have a private channel. By far our favourite feature is slacks reminders. We use it to remember to take out the garbage, to read the daily stoic etc.. However, the best use is to remind ourselves monthly to check in with one another, see how the relationship is doing, what we're struggling with, what we're grateful for.

Morgan Von Gunten
Morgan Von Gunten's pro tips for Slack
Change Slack's icon color

One of favorite Slack Easter eggs: you can change the color of the app on your iPhone by going to Settings > App Icon.

Mat Sherman
Mat Sherman's pro tips for Slack
Works great to manage your personal life

I have a slack team that is all for me and my personal life. All my stuff get integrated into it. It keeps me organized!

Pedro Wunderlich
Pedro Wunderlich's pro tips for Slack
Send stuff to yourself

Send messages, files and reminders to yourself. Exactly the same as emailing yourself, only faster.

Jonathon Colman
Jonathon Colman's pro tips for Slack
Create custom link text

1/ Copy and paste a URL into Slack. 2/ Click on the URL. 3/ Use the modal to write your custom link text. Voila!

Change notification sound

go to notifications, select "hummus", and thank me later lol

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover's pro tips for Slack
How to mark all channels as read (use with caution!)

We have dozens of channels on the Product Hunt team, most of which I don't need to actively check. As a result, several channels are bold with unread messages creating a visual distraction.

To mark all messages as read in every channel, hit SHIFT+ESC. But be careful, you can't undo it.

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