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3.2K people use Slack. Do you?


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Marek Čevelíček
Marek Čevelíček stacked Slack
Flip the coin
I can communicate from everywhere with teams
Jeff Svicarovich
Vladimira Hulikova
Vladimira Hulikova stacked Slack
I like nature :-)
Quick and easy
Ashish Nandan Singh
Ashish Nandan Singh stacked Slack
Dream big, build fast, fail fast, keep building, ship often.
I really can't imagine even a single day without this app in my life. On weekdays, it used for the usual business and on the weekends for all sorts of open source work and discussion.
Vinay stacked Slack
Building CommandBar / EWR ✈️ SFO
Internal comms, Customer channels (how did they do technical support before this?), automated notifications across our internal tools and software vendors
OfficeClip stacked Slack
All-in-One solution for businesses
An effective communication channel with your team members
Peter Ericsson
Peter Ericsson stacked Slack
I'm Peter
Unbeatable communication platform when developing apps and communicating in teams via chat & video
Mathias Vermeulen
Mathias Vermeulen stacked Slack
Really cool stuff in L&D with #WinstonWolfe - #Profession...
It's the place where my work happens
Peyton stacked Slack
🚀 Brand Journalist & Creative Strategist. I help clients...
Private channel for client work!
Tricktrap stacked Slack
UX Designer Based in Mexico City. Virtual Reality and Gam...
The best experience for work communications and powerful integrations.
Vidya stacked Slack
Productivity junkie. Tools hoarder. Looking for apps to o...
Another way of connecting with online communities.
Stefan Heinz
YourStack Mascot