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Rachel Barno
Rachel Barno stacked Scribd
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Obsessed OBSESSED with the idea of a monthly membership for unlimited books. So helpful for my brain and for work. Also the audiobooks ✨✨✨ I just found this gem last month and it's a game-changer. Scribd > Kindle Unlimited
library of audio / ebooks
Remo Uherek
Remo Uherek stacked Scribd
Value investor, blogger, former startup founder. Writing ...
Fuels my lifelong learning
محمد stacked Scribd
Sharing helpful tools
This is pretty awesome and incredibly valuable. Must have.
Irma (Er-Ma)
Irma (Er-Ma) stacked Scribd
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It's an affordable subscription for me that has a huge return because I'm reading more than I used to. I can get book + audiobooks and access to a number of titles. Granted they don't have everything but they have had most books I've wanted to read so far!
TY stacked Scribd
Fresh Grad with an interest in tech, analytics, startups,...
Scribd is amazing! For a fixed price, you get unlimited access to ebooks, audio books, sheet music and magazines. You can vary between reading or listening to a book. They also have snapshots (summaries) of best selling books, so you get the big picture without the “investment”.
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Sumukh Sridhara
Sumukh Sridhara stacked Scribd
Product/Engineering @AngelList Venture
It's Netflix for Books & Audibooks!
Bob Perez
Bob Perez stacked Scribd
Co-founder of DoorHop
Truly is like Netflix for books and audiobooks....except when they throttle your access and then it's not like that. Still awesome though.
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