The most powerful and intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad
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Dmitrii Pashutskii
Dmitrii Pashutskii stacked Procreate
👨‍💻 software engineer 🗺 nomad ...
I recently started learning drawing. I wanted to learn it for a long time and finally got time. This tool is so awesome especially in terms of UI/UX. They thought through every detail.
Jesse Russell
Mario Inghilleri
Mario Inghilleri stacked Procreate
Turn on, boot up, jack in!
The best pen tool on ipad
Feyza Okumuş
Feyza Okumuş stacked Procreate
Research-driven Designer, currently @parasutcom; Co-organ...
Using for UX sketching and WFs
Nanda Venugopal
Nanda Venugopal stacked Procreate
I am a multidisciplinary artist, design thinker and an en...
The best app on iPad! Ever! My creative extension of my self is endless with this tool.
Vlad stacked Procreate
Developer @ProductHunt
I spend at least 1 hour a day on it.
Emma ButlerJesse RussellMorgan Crutchfield
Jay Que
Jay Que stacked Procreate
Student who loves cheap quality stuff
Intuitive interface, great range of brushes, I use this for all my digital illustrations! The only downside is difficulty in creating pixel art, but otherwise, great product all around
Emma Butler
Emma Butler stacked Procreate
CEO of Intimately, Marketing @ Actiondesk (YC S19), Brow...
I took courses in college to learn how to master Photoshop and Illustrator, but as a graphic designer, Procreate is just the best! it's much easier to use, works better on ipads with the apple pencil to draw, and overall has a much better UI/UX even for a professional.
BradPratik GandhiBill Petro
𝑳𝒆𝒙 stacked Procreate
pro Excel nerd ⋮ data, writing, photography, fandom, ling...
Powerful, easy to use, and with an Apple Pencil it's almost like sketching and painting on paper.
Yash Shevde
Yash Shevde stacked Procreate
building someth▏
I use it to doodle and to express what little creativity I can muster. The tool is so good that somehow things turn out half-decent!
Jordan Staniscia
Jordan Staniscia stacked Procreate
How did they get such an amazing iPad drawing tool in such a simple package? It's fantastic. I only wish it was vector.
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