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Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
What I’m currently using for “read it later” (premium) but do miss some features from Instapaper. Which they’d combine and let me pick the options I wanted lol.
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Ryzal Yusoff
Dave Brand
Dave Brand stacked Pocket
I'm interested in: leadership coaching, knowledge transfe...
Great tool for Read It Later information
Javier Pérez
Javier Pérez stacked Pocket
Save for later all the content I like
Arnav stacked Pocket
Human. Unravelling the maze.
Save articles and read anytime
Max Yakin Bozek ス
Max Yakin Bozek ス stacked Pocket
Trick your mind that you are going to read it later, and close that article without feeling guilty.
Ben Werdmuller
Ben Werdmuller stacked Pocket
I work at the intersection of tech, media, and democracy ...
I use Pocket to keep track of what I've read and found interesting. (And then I use it to write a highlight post on my blog every month.)
Huw stacked Pocket
Learning something new everyday. CFO @TravelPerk (ex @typ...
Curate my reading for later
Paul McKellar
Paul McKellar stacked Pocket
Here, now. Past Lives: @Square founding team, EIR @SVAngel
Offline mode for planes most of all.
Harsh Agrawal (Attending #WCAsia)
Harsh Agrawal (Attending #WCAsia) stacked Pocket
Ecstatic life. 🏅Award-winning Pro-Blogger. Founder @Shout...
GΞR₿Z stacked Pocket
eCommerce developreneur. Crypto maximalist. Exploding wit...
The best collection of articles I'll never get around to reading
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