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lemon stacked Pinterest
We are a newly founded Berlin based start-up.
Best way to bookmark interesting things.
Ranier Gadduang
Ranier Gadduang stacked Pinterest
Strategy | Marketing | Operations
Sophia Campbell
Sophia Campbell stacked Pinterest
Marketing Manager @WebCEO. I like exciting books, Arabica...
The best place to find inspiration (and references too).
Tigran Hakobyan
Tigran Hakobyan stacked Pinterest
Digital marketer & community builder. Director of Marketi...
My favorite social media. Their algorithm is just great for discovering new things I'm interested in. Also, I'm actively adding pins to my boards.
Sahil Lavingia
Sahil Lavingia stacked Pinterest
creating @gumroad, among other things: @shlpaints
Besides using it to plan my wedding, I credit Pinterest for bringing me to Silicon Valley and jump starting my whole career.
Avi AryanSharon BlattAl En
Andrea Hernández
Andrea Hernández stacked Pinterest
building @moodfoodsnacks, find my recipes @bettertakeout
Pinterest is what I use to create visual moodboards, what I like is that if you're looking for a particular aesthetic, Pinterest's algorithm is great at suggesting similar photos and pretty accurate about it.
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