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Ben McKean
Ben McKean stacked Adobe Photoshop
London based designer
You know what this is
Tanishq Sharma
Tanishq Sharma stacked Adobe Photoshop
Reaping benefits from infinite leverage
I use Photoshop, not only to create interfaces, but also in order to ideate sometimes. It is a powerful canvas.
Nicholas stacked Adobe Photoshop
A graphic design student and absolute apple fan!
Just everyone uses
kayjeiem stacked Adobe Photoshop
RIOT: an emotional temper tantrum | REVOLT: a systematic ...
Its robust and feature filled
Jean stacked Adobe Photoshop
Marketer and Creative for all things digital.
Yuliia Semenova
Yuliia Semenova stacked Adobe Photoshop
Project & Event Manager, Web Designer, SMM, Copywriter, W...
Use in work
Srdjan Petrovic
Srdjan Petrovic stacked Adobe Photoshop
Photographer from Serbia. Crazy for technology.
Like Lightroom it is app you must have.
Ko Shin Minn
Ko Shin Minn stacked Adobe Photoshop
Graphic designer, enjoying learning new things and focus ...
Because I am graphic designer.
Chris Surowiec
Chris Surowiec stacked Adobe Photoshop
Artist. Photographer. Digital Product Design & Innovation...
Clause stacked Adobe Photoshop
Great for photo editing.
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