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DailyTekk stacked Adobe Photoshop
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
It's what I learned to edit images on and the muscle memory makes it my goto. I know, I need to evolve...
Altair stacked Adobe Photoshop
Design, Music, Bass, Arsenal FC, Sao Paulo FC, Red Hot Ch...
É o aplicativo do meu dia-a-dia no trabalho. 70% do meu trabalho é feito nele.
J A S O N stacked Adobe Photoshop
King of your world ✨👑
Editing photos on the go
Matt Phillipson
Matt Phillipson stacked Adobe Photoshop
Internal comms professional with an interest in film, pho...
Comprehensive and dependable.
Tom Harries
Tom Harries stacked Adobe Photoshop
Founder of @vocal_app & host of @yenaedinburgh Interested...
For the creative stuff
Alam Akbar
Alam Akbar stacked Adobe Photoshop
Free thinker. I think irrational is needed to conceptuali...
Most important tool for every move
Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq stacked Adobe Photoshop
Serial Entrepreneur + Indie-Maker + Influencer + Producer...
YO! i've been using this for more then 10+ years the best designing and editing software for sure
Fajar Siddiq
Ruwen Hoeltge
Ruwen Hoeltge stacked Adobe Photoshop
Angular ❤️, Flutter 💙, music and languages are my passion....
My favourite image editing tool.
vernieman stacked Adobe Photoshop
Designer. Content Creator. Techie. Animal lover. Video/ph...
It’s the best image manipulation tool. Period.
WallBot stacked Adobe Photoshop
WallBot is an macOS wallpaper app with Machine Learning a...
Very easy to use and allows you to make almost anything you can think of.
Silviu St
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