A powerful, simple podcast app for iOS
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John Loughlin
John Loughlin stacked Overcast
Technology Prognosticator
Reliable, usable, shareable podcasts.
Iain stacked Overcast
vaguely human | groans when bending
Smart speed.
Ian Branch
Ian Branch stacked Overcast
UK-based gadgeteer and app lover. Love Apple, all things...
Love that it has my next feed ready, in order of preference. Also, ability to preset playback speed, etc customised by feed.
josh dickman
josh dickman stacked Overcast
Good UX
Simon Scarfe
Simon Scarfe stacked Overcast
Principal Software Engineer at BBC
It has allowed me to build an incredibly rich workflow that takes into my various contexts and the podcasts I want to listen to.
Ben Aldred
Ben Aldred stacked Overcast
Bootstrapping Consent Kit to help user research teams run...
Simple, easy and I can pull all my favourite podcasts into lists and listen on 1.25x
Pirijan stacked Overcast
Creator of, spatial thinking to help with yo...
I'm a fan of it's creator, and it supports show notes well
Andy stacked Overcast
I am a UX Designer who likes to jump into User Research a...
This app just works. Very few usability problems. Smart features like podcast discovery. One of the few podcast apps that actually works on Apple Watch.
Aleks Jakulin
Aleks Jakulin stacked Overcast
* core internet technology engineer * web monetization en...
Playback speed control
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked Overcast
Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious
Breaker is shutting down after being bought by Twitter. I had to choose a replacement and only read great things about Overcast. I really like the simplicity of the app and the smart features to improve the experience. I will still miss the social features of Breaker
Joe Hootman
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