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Greg Docter
Greg Docter stacked OverDrive Libraries
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free books 🙌
Mathurah Ravigulan
Mathurah Ravigulan stacked OverDrive Libraries
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Awesome way to get e-books - similar to a library where you can borrow for 3 weeks for free. They also have "skip the line" loans where you can read a book for 7 days. The Libby interface is also great!
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell stacked OverDrive Libraries
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Borrowing Kindle books from the LA Public Library has been an absolute game changer for me, as I have a costly book buying habit. I still buy books when I know I'll want to keep them around, but it's amazing to be able to get things on a whim for free. Long live the library!
Shama Shamsudeen
Scott Gorlick
Scott Gorlick stacked OverDrive Libraries
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Easy way to reserve books + audiobooks from library. Can send directly to kindle.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
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