Microsoft Outlook
Free personal email and calendar from Microsoft
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396 people use Microsoft Outlook. Do you?


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Chirath stacked Microsoft Outlook
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Greatest work email.
Maryam Alawadhi
Maryam Alawadhi stacked Microsoft Outlook
A business-minded techie, and a self-taught designer. I s...
Integrates better with different clients
Alin Stefan Olaru
Alin Stefan Olaru stacked Microsoft Outlook
Some nerd on the internet
I seriously picked this because I had to choose and now I can't get rid of it :(
Guy Spier
Guy Spier stacked Microsoft Outlook
I'm a Father, Husband, Investor and Author
Frederico Padilha
Frederico Padilha stacked Microsoft Outlook
Founder of
Best tool for an old school mail user.
Arvind Mishra
Arvind Mishra stacked Microsoft Outlook
Gadget hound and avid gamer. Tell me what's new, and I g...
On iOS I think it's the best gmail client. It simply integrates my calendar and email into a single app.
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan stacked Microsoft Outlook
eCommerce is my jam.
Microsoft Teams
Amal David
Amal David stacked Microsoft Outlook
Building products between the realms
Simple and clean
Eddie McRorie
Eddie McRorie stacked Microsoft Outlook
I am a product manager, tinkerer, and a passion for learn...
It's the one we use in the office.
Harold Kip
Harold Kip stacked Microsoft Outlook
If you can't do it as you should, then you should do it a...
I've been using it for nore than 20 years. I've come accustomed to it, plus it integrates with everything else I use.
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