Microsoft Outlook
Free personal email and calendar from Microsoft
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432 people use Microsoft Outlook. Do you?


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Osborne Saldanha
Osborne Saldanhaย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
Doing the Ordinary in an Extraordinary way (hopefully). R...
Old school but works as advertised and works with any type of email server.
Elizabeth Kelley
Elizabeth Kelleyย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
Iโ€™m a diy and flea market addict. I love woodworking, thr...
Kushal Shah
Kushal Shahย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
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Convenient , speed and well, office pre installs it.
Bolsa de Chachitos
Bolsa de Chachitosย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
a little bit of operative systems but more about music
on windows is the best, the way in which is possible to organize/schedule emails is very helpful. Creating tasks is handy and the thread merging tool is always on point
bdbchย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
Fullstack Developer and Nightowl
Pretty clean UI, nice archiving features
Brockย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
Clinical Marketer for a major medical device company
I don't - its all I've got
Vandan Jain
Vandan Jainย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
Marketer | Enterpreneur
Professional and economical (Basic plan)
Steve Curtis
Steve Curtisย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
Marketer & writer. Christian. Light-hearted and laidback.
Can't do anything without email! And love the way it integrates with other apps.
AaronNaman Kumar
Chirathย stackedย Microsoft Outlook
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Greatest work email.
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