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Pro tips
Jawad Shreim
Jawad Shreim's pro tips for Notion

Notion is a power house!

I have my personal tasks on there, my company guide book, on boarding tools, and just started adding company documentation!

I would like it if they added a chat feature :D

Helena's pro tips for Notion
Use emojis to categorise your tasks on Kanban board

Add an icon to each task so you can visually categorise your todo list.

Donnie Adams
Donnie Adams's pro tips for Notion
Blocks limits are per Workspace

Notion limits the number of Blocks you can have in a workspace to 1000, but they don't limit the number of workspaces you can create or join. So you can create as many Workspaces you need to keep all your data at your fingertips.

Anthony Young
Anthony Young's pro tips for Notion
Multiple Windows

Notion allows you to have multiple windows open which is super helpful when your referencing other notes etc

Hexandcube's pro tips for Notion
Notion Dark Mode Shortcut

Quickly toggle dark mode with CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + L

Ariel Lam
Ariel Lam's pro tips for Notion
Lists with bells and whistles

I like making lists. Goals for my art, to-do lists, packing lists, homework lists... the list goes on! Notion's Table View makes it easy to organize things with custom Statuses (think of tags for filters), dates, and lots more. One of my favourites: keeping track of all the concerts I wanted to go to while I was in interning in San Francisco last term.

Daniel Pichel
Daniel Pichel's pro tips for Notion
Convert Notion pages into interactive presentations

Structure a Notion page via "Heading 1" and "Heading 2", add content below each and insert the public URL of the page (via "share" → "share to the web") in to instantly create a presentation from it.

Pedro Wunderlich
Pedro Wunderlich's pro tips for Notion
Feature prioritization board

You can use Notion to replace Product Board (sorry PB, it was good while it lasted). Copy this template to get started:

Shub Gaur
Shub Gaur's pro tips for Notion
Center Columns

To center column, create two empty blocks, drag them to either side to the column you want to center, and then resize them until your column is centered!

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