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Susan Pearson
Susan Pearson stacked Notion
I'm a blogger and a productivity geek living with a chron...
I hoped to create my perfect task manager in notion but went back to ClickUp for this. Now I use it for long term life plans and reviews and tracking my viewing habits and reading.
Lee Hills
Lee Hills stacked Notion
Launcher of creative digital products.. Freelance Motion...
A joy to use , love its simplicity and Versatility . Slow but surely replacing many of my current apps
Type Studio
Shub Gaur
Shub Gaur stacked Notion
Founded Spree, Investing at Dorm Room Fund, Pretending to...
Blocks, organization, backlinks- it's the perfect database + info wiki + project management tool, even if it gets slow sometimes.
Varsha stacked Notion
Perfect note taking app. Multiple templates to choose from.
Shikhar stacked Notion
nullius in verba
Ease and continuity
Ravi Nuxoll
Ravi Nuxoll stacked Notion
Encephalography, cyber security, photovoltaics, artificia...
I use Notion as the digital projection of my thinking
Oussama Bezzad
Oussama Bezzad stacked Notion
Hey guys, I am excited to see products you love and share...
It keeps me organized
Helying Vallejos
Helying Vallejos stacked Notion
i'm a software engineer student
i have all the things i need in one place, like, task managers, book list, research, etc.
Shubham Srivastava
Shubham Srivastava stacked Notion
I use it as a detailed habit tracker/journal/doc. It's a really versatile product. It's a swiss knife of software.
Ian Cairns
Ian Cairns stacked Notion
Product @Twitter
Flexibility to make it do what I need.
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