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Vinish Garg
Vinish Garg stacked Notion
Products consultant for validation for UX, product narrat...
Notion is the most intuitive and utility-driven workflow set up experience for the teams. It brings Airtable-like experience for content collaboration, very flexible, yet powerful. Revisions, role-based node-level access, and switching to different content views. Super-useful.
Vinish Garg
connor miller
connor miller stacked Notion
Computer-y business lad that loves coffee, books, and code.
Easy to use, lots of features, beautiful design.
Timothée ALLEMMOZ stacked Notion
I help my clients reach more customers through search eng...
To organise my life 😊
Great for building my personal knowledge base. I always keep notes I've learned from books I read here, and build collections of bookmarks to useful reference articles.
James Higa
James Higa stacked Notion
@philanthropicvf | 🍵yoda | 🧭investor | 🌊Japan | 🍷foodie |...
Simplifying complexity is so hard. Ivan & his team through thoughtful and maniacal attention to design and detail, have come up with my go to space to be creative and organized and to collaborate with the utmost ease.
Priscilla Tyler
Priscilla Tyler stacked Notion
Early Stage VC @ True Ventures. Outdoor enthusiast 🏔. Eas...
UI/UX / ability to tag
Geet stacked Notion
Tech Entrepreneur and Systems Thinker
Easy to use and versatile
Kaito stacked Notion
Small business owner, saas enthusiast, and university stu...
My go to in terms of personal productivity and centralizing docs for my company!
Akash Raju
Akash Raju stacked Notion
Founder of Glimpse, past: Microsoft, Tesla, Purdue
Nested bullets, to-do bullets, nested pages!
Geoff Wellman
Geoff Wellman stacked Notion
Easy to use. Good for any team.
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