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Bacely YoroBi
Bacely YoroBi stacked Notion
Founder @connectxglobal | Inclusive Designer | +10 years ...
Because it's quick, easy and fast
Ali Rashidy
Ali Rashidy stacked Notion
Hey, It's Ali, I’m a super passionate person, especially ...
It's an all-in-one tool!
Peter Ericsson
Peter Ericsson stacked Notion
I'm Peter
The nailed it. No more word.docx on c:/docs :-)
Autoprint stacked Notion
3D Print In Seconds!
Mathias Vermeulen
Mathias Vermeulen stacked Notion
Really cool stuff in L&D with #WinstonWolfe - #Profession...
Love the simplicity to write, reflect, collaborate, ...
Aaron stacked Notion
Aspiring UX Designer, CA --> FL, Nerd Likes: Design obvs,...
Combines docs, sheets, to do lists etc into one screen. Increases productivity. Its very powerful and its free for personal use.
Gagan Sikri
Adam Rochette
Adam Rochette stacked Notion
Dad and tech guy. Building in public.
Amazing for creating and compiling research on all stages of the startup process.
Robert N. Pană
Robert N. Pană stacked Notion
I do billing and anti-fraud things. Send me an email at h...
Notion runs most of my life, from basic to-do lists, to book backlogs and meal planning. It's truly indispensable.
Max Damm
Max Damm stacked Notion
Hey, I‘m Max
Notion is my all-in-one Workspace. Not only for my work related stuff…also for my school and personal stuff! It‘s just soo damn good!
Peyton stacked Notion
🚀 Brand Journalist & Creative Strategist. I help clients...
Swiss Army Knife Of Record Keeping
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