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Jorge VildosoYuv Raj PoosarlaRICH
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Jorge Vildoso
Jorge Vildoso stacked Notion
BetaTester Humanbeing
Samsara Diagnostics
Samsara Diagnostics stacked Notion
Using thought and laughter to wage war on despair
Notion does *everything*, and it's so sexy.
Yuv Raj Poosarla
Yuv Raj Poosarla stacked Notion
Product person and a UX freak
Ease of use and flexible
RICH stacked Notion
Im a FullStack Digital Marketer, Brand Strategist & No c...
Its amazing, trust me
Katarína Krnáčová
Katarína Krnáčová stacked Notion
I am cool
Keeps me on track when working on multiple projects.
Jason Ng
Jason Ng stacked Notion
Hannah Wiginton
Hannah Wiginton stacked Notion
SaaS/Tech Copywriter
Vova Kenih
Vova Kenih stacked Notion
It's my second brain.
Diogo Valente
Diogo Valente stacked Notion
I'm a 21 years old computer science student living in Lis...
Adaptable, powerful, helps me organize my life.
Ke Shen
Ke Shen stacked Notion
I'm UX designer dedicating to make the enterprise product...
Flexible and many hidden functions to explore
Gagan Sikri
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