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The Pirgos
The Pirgos stacked Notion
I'm Dory. I
I fall in love with this one! It has many, many options to work.
Meharban Singh
Meharban Singh stacked Notion
Notes, database, extensive customization
vivek dwivedi
vivek dwivedi stacked Notion
IIT Dropout || Entrepreneur || Co-founder at LazyApply
Ewa Braniecka
Ewa Braniecka stacked Notion
Building a product that helps people alleviate the pain o...
Customizable and delightful to use.
Ruth Eastelow
Ruth Eastelow stacked Notion
I’m the founder of the Spark Edition newsletter, which is...
Great for organising several projects
zahra amzil
zahra amzil stacked Notion
I write SEO Arabic content, managing websites about (book...
My whole life is on Notion... I'm obsessed..
Jorge Vildoso
Jorge Vildoso stacked Notion
BetaTester Humanbeing
Samsara Diagnostics
Samsara Diagnostics stacked Notion
Using thought and laughter to wage war on despair
Notion does *everything*, and it's so sexy.
Yuv Raj Poosarla
Yuv Raj Poosarla stacked Notion
Product person and a UX freak
Ease of use and flexible
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