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Louis stacked Notion
A person
Tool for everything
CEA stacked Notion
Make Cool Projects.
Can manage my works and todos
Rey Alejandro
Rey Alejandro stacked Notion
Designer, Dad, Daydreamer, DotA Player (thinking of other...
Flexible and easy to use. Started for personal use, then used to track and mage progress for work and now I use it for my family productivity.
less monkaS
less monkaS stacked Notion
Lifelong gamer trying out more of the real world. Slowly ...
I've been using it for over a month now and I love it. Much more organized now, I write more. It's free since I use personal, but I'd gladly pay if I had to. I love the how the text and page are formatted, It's easy for me to read what I write, looks clean.
Sam Jamshidi
Sam Jamshidi stacked Notion
I'm a writer and a film major. I'm 21 years old. A bit of...
It's good for a couple things. I use it for research, and keeping my budget, and developing my ideas. I don't like writing in it tho
Yash Shevde
Yash Shevde stacked Notion
building someth▏
I use it rarely for collaborative multimedia purposes like planning a trip with friends. Unfortunately for me it seems to be a new default for many people so they use it to share thoughts and resources, but I’ve always found it to be clunky and that it requires too much effort...
Bobby Shirley
Bobby Shirley stacked Notion
I'm a husband to a wonderful wife and father of four awes...
My go-to for organization, idea creation, and project management.
Meow101 stacked Notion
Cat Mom, Cat Lover, and Cat Blogger. Enjoy writing and t...
I use it to manage content creation on my site. Schedule new posts and keep track of their status
Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked Notion
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
I always had a journal but after my friend added me on her Notion workspace, it changed my life. Now I have everything there. Everything is planned and the connections between the pages and the widgets make me happy little type A person. can't recommend enough
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Ben Kenney
Ben Kenney stacked Notion
"Starting something new" is what people seem to say. Prio...
I use it for project management.
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