We code therefore we are.
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PhilipĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
Not much to say!
Lightweight, simple, yet full of features. Fast loading, low footprint, and extendable.
David Ryal 'Pug' Anderson
David Ryal 'Pug' AndersonĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
i help those who help others: nonprofit/social enterprise...
I can barely code
PonselitaĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
Cool, calm and confidence!
pineapple99Ā stackedĀ Notepad++
light and powerful and handy
Henrique Geremia
Henrique GeremiaĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
I never know what should I have to write here
editing text and code very quickly
Gregory Saint-Jean
Gregory Saint-JeanĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
James Baldwin is my spirit animal.
When in doubt, it works on everything.
Paramount Enterprises
Paramount EnterprisesĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
PARENTNashik is a top brand helps you to find resistance ...
NatarajĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
Generally Esoteric | Product & Engineering at @microsoft ...
Cant survive in engineering even for a day with out Notepad++
Ernest Oppetit
Ernest OppetitĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
Product Manager at @Improbableio. Veni, Vidi, Tweeti.
Fast, simple
Andrew Tye
Andrew TyeĀ stackedĀ Notepad++
Founder of Cosight
It's simple, and it works. I've been writing code with Notepad++ every since it came out. One of the only products I've used for so long without trying something else - it's never given me a reason to switch.
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