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NatarajErnest OppetitWilhelm Rahn
27 people use Notepad++. Do you?

People that stacked Notepad++

Nataraj stacked Notepad++
Generally Esoteric | Product & Engineering at @microsoft ...
Cant survive in engineering even for a day with out Notepad++
Ernest Oppetit
Ernest Oppetit stacked Notepad++
Product Manager at @Improbableio. Veni, Vidi, Tweeti.
Fast, simple
Andrew Tye
Andrew Tye stacked Notepad++
Founder of Cosight
It's simple, and it works. I've been writing code with Notepad++ every since it came out. One of the only products I've used for so long without trying something else - it's never given me a reason to switch.
Wilhelm Rahn
Wilhelm Rahn stacked Notepad++
UX ⭕, Design 💛, Travel 🌎, Tech ⚡, AI 🧠
It's my go-to editor for plain text and quick code edits. Add the TextFX plugin and you'll have a very powerful tool to manipulate and format text! When it comes to previewing or contributing to bigger projects, try Visual Studio Code
John stacked Notepad++
Product Manager. Investor. Formerly Product @ Facebook.
Easiest way to edit files on desktop
Jack Smith
Jack Smith stacked Notepad++
co-founder @vungle (acquired by blackstone) , @thetribevc...
Notepad, but with extensions and cool stuff. Must have if you're a Windows user.
Ross Rojek
Ross Rojek stacked Notepad++
Founder of GoLocalApps in 2009, maker of more than 200 ap...
easy and clean to use
Dieter Bohn
Dieter Bohn stacked Notepad++
Executive Editor, The Verge. Tech commentary. Typos are i...
My preferred text editor for Windows. I don't code a ton, so I keep it very bare bones for composing prose. Occasionally, though, I need to mess with some HTML or CSS, so it's nice that it can handle that. Also, text editors without RegEx search can Get Bent.
Ime Essien
Nikunj Bhatt
Nikunj Bhatt stacked Notepad++
Web Developer. I Love Music, Hollywood Movies, Technology...
1. Very easy to use 2. Flexible - lots of settings which are not available in other code editors 3. Free, open source 4. Very less launch time compared to NetBeans and Eclipse
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