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Dan Doughty
Dan Doughty stacked MyFitnessPal
Founder of Doughty Org, a company that owns and operates ...
Great way to track everything.
D. stacked MyFitnessPal
Neophyte Software Engineer and Investor
Great for tracking calories and monitoring progress.
Harano stacked MyFitnessPal
Random roamcultboy
Always think recording performance and calorie intake and progressive overload are vital for any fitness goals - this is definitely a great app for calorie intake management. Great database on merchants, easy scan to get accurate kcal.
João Vitor Martins
João Vitor Martins stacked MyFitnessPal
I'm JVM, a Software Engineer. Manézinho from Floripa, Bra...
Depressing, but helps
sskoutas stacked MyFitnessPal
tech junkie, photographer, outdoor activities enthusiast
Easy interface and an important part of diet management.
george nurijanian
george nurijanian stacked MyFitnessPal
the creator of the dark weird fiction universe in "Sultan...
it's just a habit now. I don't actually love it at all, but it's there, it's got my data, and it gets the job done, more or less
Coleman Foley
brasmussen stacked MyFitnessPal
Builder, writer and lifelong learner. Product Manager.
Classic. Been using it for a while now. Has a lot of brazilian dishes.
Anthony Fiedler
Anthony Fiedler stacked MyFitnessPal
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It was the key to dialing in diet so now I don't have to use it.
George Sofroniou
George Sofroniou stacked MyFitnessPal
Product Owner within Nomura's CTO team Lover of technolog...
Perfect solution for macro tracking which then feeds into Apple Health
Chris stacked MyFitnessPal
Into all things, tech, productivity, and fitness
Awesome food tracker database
Aranka Friemann
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