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Marco Ferrari
Marco Ferrari stacked Morning Brew
Co-founder of @UseHammock, the first current account for ...
One of my favourite daily reads, love the whole family: emerging tech, marketing, retail
Sidd stacked Morning Brew
I am just crazy about SaaS and love discovering new produ...
Stop switching and swiping through multiple apps for getting your morning news. Get the best of news straight to your inbox.
Bibin Mohan
Bibin Mohan stacked Morning Brew
Developer, software, husband, dad, home tutor
Fun to read
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell stacked Morning Brew
Product Manager at - I ❤️ tech, product, music...
I live in Australia, so I actually get these emails as I'm winding down from my day, and it's honestly the best. I love the content they provide, and even their sponsors are right up my alley find them genuinely interesting.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Evan Waldenanat
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked Morning Brew
Technology sales enablement exec, early adopter, historian
Edgy, but insightful news feed.
Eric Ruleman
Troy Petrunoff
Troy Petrunoff stacked Morning Brew
Marketing @lensabl 🤓 | #DTC marketing by day, #FilmTwitte...
Their main newsletter plus their Retail Brew weekly edition are two of my must read newsletters.
Vince Van Grootel
Vince Van Grootel stacked Morning Brew
I help build products during the day and geek out on gadg...
Best content in terms of tech and finance out there. Always a joy to listen and read.
Volkan Bulut
Volkan Bulut stacked Morning Brew
I'm a product manager and lifelong learner from Germany. ...
I love their entertaining writing style and that I can be up-to-date with one mail.
Coleman Foley
Coleman Foley stacked Morning Brew
Software engineer, interested in product stuff
Short and informative.
Jake Walker
Jake Walker stacked Morning Brew
Good quick overview of the day; often find myself reading stories I haven’t seen elsewhere.
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