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Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams
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Eoghan JenningsdysontomRon Sheridan
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Scott Hanford
Scott Hanford stacked Miro
Growing things. Product + Marketing.
Just an awesome way to collaborate on ideas with others. Track ideas, cluster ideas, and whiteboard about whatever.
Hannah Nommé
Hannah Nommé stacked Miro
I want to love this product. Learning is focused on Syste...
I don't have a company but I know I'll use it when I do
Joe HootmanRyan Hoover
Utkarsh Sengar
Utkarsh Sengar stacked Miro
Lead Growth Engineering @Upwork
Remote collaboration FTW!
Darya Sesitskaya
Darya Sesitskaya stacked Miro
I have 8 years of experience in product marketing, mobile...
It's the BEST of its type, really love this app. Is realtime, collaborative, with a gorgeous User Experience, free plan... I could talk like this for hours! Really recommended!
Joe HootmanChris MessinaLindsey Meredith
Antoine Benichou
Antoine Benichou stacked Miro
Growth Marketing & Strategy guy enrolled in a master's de...
Lindsey Meredith
George Sofroniou
George Sofroniou stacked Miro
Product Owner within Nomura's CTO team Lover of technolog...
Fantastic tool for real time collaboration with team members; myriad of templates to choose from and a fantastic number of integrations
Joe HootmanLindsey Meredith
Tanishq Sharma
Tanishq Sharma stacked Miro
Reaping benefits from infinite leverage
I use this as an alternative to Whimsical, fluidic, flexible, solves the purpose.
Lindsey Meredith
george nurijanian
george nurijanian stacked Miro
the creator of the dark weird fiction universe in "Sultan...
once you get familiar with the shortcuts, it's amazing for rapid idea iteration, mindmapping, co-design
Lindsey Meredith
Daniel B.
Daniel B. stacked Miro
Leading Product @, formerly Onefinance, N2...
Ideal for brainstorming and research
Lindsey Meredith
Markquin Johnson
Markquin Johnson stacked Miro
Not everyone you lose is a loss.
I used Miro for wireframing the first version of my web app. Also great for whiteboarding and figuring out ideas.
Lindsey Meredith
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