Microsoft Teams
Nothing can stop a team.
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77 people use Microsoft Teams. Do you?

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Who doesn’t want to streamline their team? 🟣
Vikalp S
Vikalp S stacked Microsoft Teams
I like to solve problems. At ,we eradic...
Helps in keeping communication clear and productive
Juan Angel Pesquera
Juan Angel Pesquera stacked Microsoft Teams
Digital Project Manager
We use it every day with for communication with the team. It has chat, calendar that syncs with outlook, and channels where we can have conversation threads, share documents, wikis and more.
vicky flores najas
vicky flores najas stacked Microsoft Teams
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Love the background blur feature/other backgrounds, together mode is awesome, and overall great for communicating with my coworkers during WFH
Ignácio  Correia
Ignácio Correia stacked Microsoft Teams
Offering 15 years of progressive experience as well as ex...
Better than Skype!
brklynsurfer stacked Microsoft Teams
a surfer / teacher / father in bk
I feel like in all office settings there needs to be an advocate to train people on how to use this tool. It is almost too overwhelming.
@AB stacked Microsoft Teams
The best out there for business networking and has tonns of add-ons like webex, yammer & also has in-buit meeting scheduling option syncs with outlook calendar and also lets us knw abt other collegues availability status
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein Yahfoufi stacked Microsoft Teams
Co-founder at Money Minx (coming soon). CIO at eCapital. ...
Teams is making it really easy for our company to work remotely. Voice calls, video calls, file share, group chats, it's all surprisingly working well.
Chirath stacked Microsoft Teams
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Most stable and convenient way to work with my team, even with slow internet connections.
Jorge A. Cortés
Jorge A. Cortés stacked Microsoft Teams
Embbeded software engineer | Electronic devices design & ...
I see it like the Microsoft Slack alternative. Very well done and well integrated with Microsoft products.
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