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Microsoft Teams
Bring together all of your team’s conversations, files, and tools in a single workspace with Microsoft Teams in Office 365.
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58 people use Microsoft Teams. Do you?

People that stacked Microsoft Teams

@AB stacked Microsoft Teams
The best out there for business networking and has tonns of add-ons like webex, yammer & also has in-buit meeting scheduling option syncs with outlook calendar and also lets us knw abt other collegues availability status
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein Yahfoufi stacked Microsoft Teams
Co-founder at Money Minx (coming soon). CIO at eCapital. ...
Teams is making it really easy for our company to work remotely. Voice calls, video calls, file share, group chats, it's all surprisingly working well.
Chirath stacked Microsoft Teams
👨🏽‍💻 | 🇱🇰 | 💙💛💙 |  l #BreakingBad
Most stable and convenient way to work with my team, even with slow internet connections.
Jorge A. Cortés
Jorge A. Cortés stacked Microsoft Teams
Embbeded software engineer | Electronic devices design & ...
I see it like the Microsoft Slack alternative. Very well done and well integrated with Microsoft products.
Ankur Shukla
Ankur Shukla stacked Microsoft Teams
Tech guy
that's what we use at the office and we love it
Tomi Juhola
Tomi Juhola stacked Microsoft Teams
Software professional working currently with things like ...
Much better than Skype. Comes with O365. Not perfect but better.
Phil stacked Microsoft Teams
Digital Change and Service Improvement encourager. Civil ...
Not without its flaws but improving and brilliant for working in dispersed teams.
Ouma Ronald
Ouma Ronald stacked Microsoft Teams
Technology Enthusiast - Data Analytics (PowerBi), AI, ITS...
Use it to collaborate, chat, call share screen and my favorite, take control of some one else' screen
Izzy stacked Microsoft Teams
Learning @WestPoint '22
My school has been using Teams (rather than Zoom) in the shift to online learning. I like the collaboration features and ability to integrate OneNote easily.
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