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laurent baumann
laurent baumann stacked Microsoft To Do
Founder and Head of Product at Gritty or stubbor...
Clean and simple
RealVikingBlood - Lifter|Alpha|Creator|Finance
RealVikingBlood - Lifter|Alpha|Creator|Finance stacked Microsoft To Do
Norwegian noob solopreneur that will quit 9-5 to live off...
Ported from Wunderlist, tried tons of alternatives before I saw MS adjusting their product to mirror Wunder after a first initial launch that was awful. Using Trello and/or paper sticky notes for professional todos.
Kumar A
Kumar A stacked Microsoft To Do
Technology enthusiast basically, love to explore and lear...
Easy to use and integrate with other products
InternetJohnny stacked Microsoft To Do
Maker, web dev and futurist
Lets me make to-do lists, set periodic reminders, all in an interface that is well thought and not cluttered
Chris Lozeau
Bolsa de Chachitos
Bolsa de Chachitos stacked Microsoft To Do
a little bit of operative systems but more about music
simple, nice, great for work
Ashwin Singh
Ashwin Singh stacked Microsoft To Do
A Blogger and now working on webapps to solve the small i...
does not use it much so cant say
the kirkyard
the kirkyard stacked Microsoft To Do
Naming it and claiming it. "If you see fraud and do not...
Almost as simple and easy as a pen and an index card.
Alex Fromm
Alex Fromm stacked Microsoft To Do
Designer at Microsoft
Super simple interface that works across platforms and has a fair amount of depth around ways to track work from multiple lists to date specific lists.
WRLD Tech Consultancy
WRLD Tech Consultancy stacked Microsoft To Do
WRLD Tech Co. is a technology and marketing consulting fi...
Great app that beautifully syncs to-dos while integrating with MS365 to created generated to-do's from email, calendar, etc.
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