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HiramMaximilien Moreau (Max)maique
15 people use Mastodon. Do you?


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Will Schenk
Will Schenk stacked Mastodon
Co-Founder of HappyFunCorp.
Less bad twitter, also better community
Marko Saric
Marko Saric stacked Mastodon
On a mission to help you share what you love and get disc...
Mastodon is similar to Twitter but open source, independent and less commercial so feels much more like Twitter of 10 years ago then Twitter does right now.
Hexandcube stacked Mastodon
Computer guy
Great alternative to Twitter, decentralized social media network based on My account is @[email protected]
Hiram stacked Mastodon
No-code maker & privacy advocate. Building:
Decentralized Twitter, with a hint of Reddit and a 500 character limit (which eliminates the need to thread as you would on Twitter). Hoping more Twitter peeps make a move to Mastodon.
Joe HootmanHexandcubeHarris Karim
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