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LouRoc stacked MacBook Pro
Executive Support in IT from El Segundo, California. Alwa...
Best laptop out there
Grant Bennett
Grant Bennett stacked MacBook Pro
Ex-Finance Professional turned Web Developer. Opinionated...
I hate Windows, spent 9 years on Linux but wanted more apps; OS X and its iOS ecosystem are perfect.
Josh Kraus
Josh Kraus stacked MacBook Pro
Co-founder and Creative Director at Digitaly Agency. MCFC...
There's no better portable computer for doing work. I'd be lost without this thing!
Dao Superstar
Dao Superstar stacked MacBook Pro
tech and gadget lover, live in Thailand
reliable fast cool
therealmikecooper stacked MacBook Pro
husband to Trisha, Father to Skyler & Sophia, Christ-Foll...
I literally live on my macbook
macOS, ecosystem
Simply love OSX
Max Rovensky
Max Rovensky stacked MacBook Pro
React / Node.js developer. @zeithq
I don't hate the touch bar 🙈 I actually find it very useful in some apps. For example in Logic Pro it can give you access to things that are normally a few clicks deep and aren't conveniently hotkey-able
Carlos Orelhas
Carlos Orelhas stacked MacBook Pro
Self-taught Programmer
Simple, perfect, great work tool
BJ-HGA Tech stacked MacBook Pro
Apple Fan. Tesla Fan. Follow me on Instagram at bjhgatech
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