MacBook Pro
Apple's most powerful notebooks
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Gunnar Svalander
Gunnar Svalander stacked MacBook Pro
Maker/founder of Https://, Swedish Pickleball Ass...
Benjamin Hyatt
Benjamin Hyatt stacked MacBook Pro
Husband. Dad. Entrepreneur. Love marketing, design, photo...
It's powerful and has most of the tools I need. Video editing, coding tools, Photoshop, Final Cut, etc.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy stacked MacBook Pro
Dogs. Saunas. Beer. Photography. Meditation.
The best!
Amrit Shenava
Amrit Shenava stacked MacBook Pro
Building @eduversehq and @flashmateshq. Interested in AI,...
I use it and I personally feel it is a powerful device good for development.
Prasanna Vaidya
Prasanna Vaidya stacked MacBook Pro
Co founder @gydeai
Work. Chill. Repeat.
sskoutas stacked MacBook Pro
tech junkie, photographer, outdoor activities enthusiast
Best industrial design in laptops, and a powerhouse of a computer to boot. Plus, Mac OS, which no competitor can touch.
Switched to a 2020 13-inch Macbook Pro after my trusty 15-inch Macbook Pro from Late 2013 finally gave up. While I'm not happy about the reduced power, I'm a huge fan of brand new Magic Keyboard. Best typing experience on a laptop yet!
Alex Kazakov
Alex Kazakov stacked MacBook Pro
Behavioral technology dreamer and connector! Group Produc...
Fast, high quality screen, keyboard etc. Everything standard and works, no need to choose e.g. among 1000s of PC options.
John A. Kallergis
John A. Kallergis stacked MacBook Pro
Software Engineer @
React native work without a mac is like a carpenter without a hammer. This beast has earned its money multiple times
Naveen DA
Naveen DA stacked MacBook Pro
Javascript Developer @zoho. Post #react_tips on daily bas...
Work like a boss
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