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Manikanta Prasanth
Manikanta Prasanth stacked MacBook Pro
Product manager, entrepreneur.
Use friendly
Know Yourself.
Know Yourself. stacked MacBook Pro
Currently building two startups Clava & Pastryy. Clava is...
This is where I design and build things which is what I love doing.
Ivo Silva
Ivo Silva stacked MacBook Pro
Interested in all things tech related.
Best work machine with great OS.
Adam Ruf
Adam Ruf stacked MacBook Pro
Product Designer @AngelList; Creator https://uxdesigncont...
I ❤️my workhorse.
alexandersumarli stacked MacBook Pro
Medical student who is very interested in optimizing the ...
Primary workspace.
Java stacked MacBook Pro
Comms & Sociol @ UOA Ametur programmer, screen printer an...
I can't go back to windows full time. Too many little issues and rabbit holes.
Genesis Agravio
Genesis Agravio stacked MacBook Pro
I create simple websites
I used it once in my internship, it's not my laptop though but the workflow in mac is incomparable.
Yusuf stacked MacBook Pro
Building, a modern personal webpag...
• Still rocking my 2015, 13", secondhand Macbook Pro.
miyuki stacked MacBook Pro
Wellness tinkerer, investor by day and builder by night
Easy of use
Justin Mikolay
Justin Mikolay stacked MacBook Pro
The three great advantages in life: learning from the pas...
Apple user since the Quadra.
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