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Develop engaged and high-performing teams
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Will Curran
Will Curran stacked Lattice
Founder of @helloendless, Host of @EventIcons @EventTechC...
Allows me to track my teams goals, have good conversations with them, and remain in the pulse of what they are doing and help them.
Chris T. Poore
Chris T. Poore stacked Lattice
Technologist | Tinkerer | Product Innovator | Life-long L...
Simple and effective tracking of OKR's, peer Feedback and 1-on-1's
Sarah Kuehnle
Sarah Kuehnle stacked Lattice
Sr. Product Design Manager @Webflow -- Illustrator/Charac...
Love this for preparing 1:1 agendas, sharing feedback, tracking reviews, and setting goals with the people I work alongside.
Janine Sickmeyer
Janine Sickmeyer stacked Lattice
👩🏻‍💼Founder & CEO at @NextChapterBK (acq 2019) 💖Mom of 4 un...
Lattice has helped improve our team communication, expectations, and appreciation. Weekly updates allow everyone to have a voice, feedback shares kudos to the whole team, and company surveys has taught us a lot about our culture.
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