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276 people use LastPass. Do you?

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haruko / はるこ
haruko / はるこ stacked LastPass
salary girl in tokyo
i think about switching to 1password a lot but then i remember that lastpass is free and just as good
Luis Alonso
Luis Alonso stacked LastPass
Computer Science and engineering 💻 ESTG-IPVC 🎓 Viana do C...
Everything secured in just one place
Nate B
Nate B stacked LastPass
Tech Engineer in Seattle
Great way to only have to remember one password and randomize the rest of your passwords. Works well with browser extensions and iphone so it makes it effortless to have random passwords for everything.
Hakim Albasrawy
Hakim Albasrawy stacked LastPass
I run community events and do strategy for a solar company
I finally have a different password for every site I visit. Makes me feel so calm
Kevin Kaplan
Kevin Kaplan stacked LastPass
🍕📷🏓 Investor, Mentor, and 80's Pop Culture Junkie. Origin...
I hate having to remember passwords and now I can use super random ones for each site and only have to remember my master password! Required at my work, and also use it for personal.
Haitham Sabbah
Haitham Sabbah stacked LastPass
Entrepreneur • Engineer • Consultant • Philanthropist • T...
can't live without it
Am Sagarwala
Am Sagarwala stacked LastPass
Thinker and tinkerer of all things #digital. Digital Expe...
Cross-platform and allows for secure shares.
Fernando Brgmn
Fernando Brgmn stacked LastPass
World traveler nomad. Technology enthusiast thrilled with...
It's more than 10 years storing sensitive data
Izzy stacked LastPass
Learning @WestPoint '22
LastPass has made my life infinitely easier
Ben Williams
Ben Williams stacked LastPass
thinking out loud and building software - currently: stea...
I have been using LastPass for years and given the reputation of the company, I would recommend it. I use the Mac Desktop App and iOS Mobile App for all my password storage.
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