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Thiago Braga
Thiago Braga stacked LastPass
Full Stack Dev, DevOps enthusiast, music lover and guitar...
Make our lives too easy
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez stacked LastPass
Web Specialist at @TheAustinStone. Musician at @asworship...
To have all of my passwords sync across my devices for free is a no brainer.
Kijan Maharjan
Kijan Maharjan stacked LastPass
🙏Indie Founder🇳🇵∞ Build, Iterate & 🚀∞ 🔥Traveller by soul ✈️...
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd stacked LastPass
Dir @RGAVentures Cheerleader of awesome people + experien...
Passwords suck. What sucks more is forgetting them or someone else getting them. Long time user of this on desktop and mobile.
Jᴀʀᴇᴅ Eᴢᴢᴇᴛ
Jᴀʀᴇᴅ Eᴢᴢᴇᴛ stacked LastPass
"Not a Programmer." LMGTFY. Engineer, and happy.
Great password manager, free with enough features for me
Leijla Foss
Leijla Foss stacked LastPass
Your cute international fair-haired vegan poet & adventur...
I love being able to fill in my passwords without copy-and-pasting all the time and it syncs my passwords across devices and browsers. It's very secure and easy to use anything but Apple devices.
@{"Nico Graglia"}
@{"Nico Graglia"} stacked LastPass
Keep it simple
Keep all my pass sync
Andrés Echavarría
Andrés Echavarría stacked LastPass
Marketing Digital
simplifies creation of accounts
Jakob Jan Kamminga
Jakob Jan Kamminga stacked LastPass
Web developer & scrum master @ Sdu. Music obsessed, colle...
It's a password manager that does its job.
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