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gaurav porwal
gaurav porwal stacked Atlassian Jira
FullStack Developer At Geekyants. Love Building Apps usin...
easy to plan my release cycle and integrate with bitbucket
Romain DAHAN
Romain DAHAN stacked Atlassian Jira
y-gen tech lover
Easy task management, I wouldn't say I love it as it's quite slow...
I don't, but it's a necessary evil.
Brent Maxwell
Brent Maxwell stacked Atlassian Jira
I'm a philosophically inclined technologist living in Syd...
It is completely open and flexible.
Mulenga Agley
Mulenga Agley stacked Atlassian Jira
Founder @
Integrates with anything and everything.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith stacked Atlassian Jira
Community Manager @ FLF Product Design | Content Creator
Makes it easy to manage my team's workflow. The ease of integration with other Atlassian tools is a very useful feature.
lucsa stacked Atlassian Jira
Marketing, product management, and growth straight outta ...
Intuitive sprint running.
Jeff Riddall
Jeff Riddall stacked Atlassian Jira
20+ year veteran of digital marketing, content, SEO and a...
Enables our product and dev teams to collaborate on, refine, organize, assigned and track feature specs, bug resolution, near term roadmap and older backlogged items in logical Epic and Sprints
Julien Dambron
Julien Dambron stacked Atlassian Jira
Scrum Master @Capgemini, avid reader, avid learner
To manage our work in my company.
Benjamin Clark
Benjamin Clark stacked Atlassian Jira
i don't
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