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Plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects
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Julien Dambron
Julien Dambron stacked Atlassian Jira
Scrum Master @Capgemini, avid reader, avid learner
To manage our work in my company.
i don't
Chirath stacked Atlassian Jira
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One of best Task Management tools used in tech. Can visualize projects perfectly, if the features are used correctly.
Jesco Wüster
Jesco Wüster stacked Atlassian Jira
Web developer -
its slow and buggy... Haven't found a better alternative yet though
Michael McCord
Michael McCord stacked Atlassian Jira
I'm passionate about technology, finance, and investing p...
Good for complex projects with lots of interdependent steps.
Vladimir Merkushev
Vladimir Merkushev stacked Atlassian Jira
Product Manager with 15+ years of experience in online e-...
Don’t know anything better for a large product development as a task tracker. Worth studying at the beginning
Geoff Brown
Geoff Brown stacked Atlassian Jira
I am currently a Product Manager at NEOGOV living in Hawt...
I wouldn't say that I *love* JIRA, but I sure do use it a lot. It is what you make of it...just don't go overboard on required fields and crazy workflows or you'll hate it.
John Strutton
John Strutton stacked Atlassian Jira
Product person - best reached at
the hub for all story refinement and grooming. Cognitive association to thinking about the customer whenever I open the project
Manikanta Prasanth
Manikanta Prasanth stacked Atlassian Jira
Product manager, entrepreneur.
Ocean of products which simplifies the project management
Vrij stacked Atlassian Jira
Hello, wanted to learn more about new products and utiliz...
I think it’s a good tool to use when you have multiple users editing and updating items as it showed a history of changes made as well as stores all comments so things are not lost in emails.
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