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Nathan Sudds
Nathan Sudds stacked Insight Timer
I'm a coach. consultant. biz owner. husband. food lover. ...
The opportunity to tap into 75k+ guided meditations, meditation bells, community and also give back sharing some meditations with the community as well
Умная Кабарга
Умная Кабарга stacked Insight Timer
Seeking the spell of mastery
Open community of fellow yogi
Natalie Marleny
Natalie Marleny stacked Insight Timer
✏️ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast
Meditation App which is very simple to start using
Scott SpenceJulie
Matteo Titta
Matteo Titta stacked Insight Timer
Growth @fiverr | Interested in mental health, education, ...
Best timer for my meditation. Customizable meditation bells and timers.
Jeremy Browning
Jeremy Browning stacked Insight Timer
Made in Detroit. Growing in NYC. PM @Twitter.
No-frills meditation app.
K.A. Krueger
K.A. Krueger stacked Insight Timer
Bisexual She/Her. Writer. Lesley University MFA. Audiophi...
The free tier offers SO MUCH compared to other meditation apps. Search by teacher or type of meditation. I've been using it for years and absolutely love it.
Niki Hirschler
Niki Hirschler stacked Insight Timer
I use the meditation timer. The guided courses are pretty sweet too.
free meditation app
Noemie Catel
Noemie Catel stacked Insight Timer
Sr. Product Designer @ Algolia
Widest meditation catalogue I've ever seen, and the app is getting better
Jayme HoffmanKylee Grace SchmuckJun Gong
Jordan Carlisle
Jordan Carlisle stacked Insight Timer
Live Virtuously. 🧠🍱🏋🏻‍♂️🏔📚🖥📈 VP of Econ Dev and Entrep @great...
I use Insight Timer for creating customized meditation timers with customizable duration, ambient noise, and chimes.
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