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Curious Borg
Curious Borg stacked InVision
retweeting top minds in different fields.
Just love it!
Jovana stacked InVision
Product Designer & Product Owner
Prototyping and dev handover
Danyang Zhao
Danyang Zhao stacked InVision
I do product stuff. Occasionally I tweet about animals.
Freehand > Balsamiq
Alexis Doreau
Alexis Doreau stacked InVision
Senior Product Designer @Bankin
Previously, it was very nice but now Marvel is better
RutvikBariya stacked InVision
I bring a lion as a pet, It will definitely cost me highe...
As I mentioned before, I love OpenSource. It's kind of community that forks their all efforts to just provide the best services without charging a single penny. They just work for change, solve the modern world problems, not for money.
Beatrice Ferrarini
Beatrice Ferrarini stacked InVision
I’m a UX Designer (#UX) fascinated by how the brain works...
Best for quick and easy share and to gather feedbacks from the team
Dave Gillem
Dave Gillem stacked InVision
Father, Husband, tattoo collector, wannabe mechanic, UI A...
Demo those pretty pictures
Franje stacked InVision
Less stressing; more finessing // Blockchain // Web 3.0 /...
Perewari Pere
Perewari Pere stacked InVision
I'm a UX guy with core love for redesigning complex platf...
Smooth for interactive prototyping
Nitin Kacharia
Nitin Kacharia stacked InVision
The expected keeps you standing and the unexpected change...
Works seamlessly with Sketch
YourStack Mascot