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Prajwal B. Kumar
Prajwal B. Kumar stacked Hemingway App
Productivity Nerd. Looking for a life in cyberspace.
I might get boring with my writing sometimes, the best of my writings, I owe it to this app.
Danny de Vries
Danny de Vries stacked Hemingway App
I'm an Indie Maker building digital products for the web ...
For the flow of text. It highlights complex sentences and common 'logic' errors.
V Keerthi Vikram
V Keerthi Vikram stacked Hemingway App
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
Just like grammerly but works offline too. Love it.
Guey Of Life
Guey Of Life stacked Hemingway App
simplify, condense, focus on utility, prioritize practica...
bullshit spellchecker
Timcox stacked Hemingway App
Comms @redeemerctc 🐈 Cats, Coffees, Beers, #synths, #vcvr...
Cuts the fluff. Clarity is key.
Kieron Kevan
Kieron Kevan stacked Hemingway App
I'm a UX designer living in Liverpool. I love design, lea...
I love this because of how simple it is. The desktop app works seamlessly, and it’s helping me in learn my bad habits in writing.
Cody McCauley
Cody McCauley stacked Hemingway App
Research & Strategy Analyst @ D. E. Shaw | Obsessed with ...
I use this, along with Grammarly, to edit my weekly newsletter.
Jack DeManche
Jack DeManche stacked Hemingway App
I'm just a boy, sitting in front of a computer, asking it...
Keep your writing concise.
Great for simplifying your writing. I use it fro micro-copy, emails and longer form pieces and everything in-between.
iamjaco stacked Hemingway App
I am an entrepreneur. I am a biltong aficionado. I am a c...
Allows me to write with confidence
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